Talk To Me

Talk To Me intervenes in sites of threat and conflict, by bringing together two strangers, to an hour long conversation, over tea and samosas. The two strangers sit facing each other, to talk about anything except sexual violence.

Dear Stranger,

Talk To Me.

We have not created a chance to talk to each other before. Let’s talk over a cup of tea and samosas.

We can talk about anything; our dreams, hope, fears.

We are Action Heroes from Blank Noise; a community building safe cities and spaces.

Come be an Action Hero too.

Your friend and Action Hero.

Talk To Me, because fear is taught, transferred, inherited and can be unlearnt.
Talk To Me because I am ready to question the politics of fear.
Talk To Me so we can initiate possible friendships, connection, trust and empathy.


Talk To Me was first created with Yelahanka Action Heroes, also students at Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, enrolled in a month long class with Blank Noise.
Talk To Me has been held in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata.


The next Talk To Me is scheduled for May 30th, 2019. Host a Talk to me where you live. tool kit to be published mid april.

Save the date!


In 2015, Talk To Me was the recipient of the
International Award For Public Art.

Talk To Me was also shortlisted for IDEO.ORG’s Women Safety Challenge


“Strangers are sometimes, not so strange.”

- Action Hero Arushi

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