Eve Teasing Food Chart 

year 2007:  A compilation of words/food names, that women have been called on the streets by men unknown to them. The list below has been created by over 70 women.  This was created an attempt to define 'street sexual harassment' through each person that has witnessed or experienced it. We would also like to emphasise on the tone/ the adjective versus the noun - looking versus how one is looking. The 70 + Action Sheroes, Heroes and Theyroes of " Excuse Me?" have been referred to as the following by male strangers.

If you have more 'food names' to add to in based on your experiences -email in at actionhero@blanknoise.org , subject titled ' Excuse Me '

Not your apple, chamcham, coconut, butterchicken, makhan ki tikiya, bajji, doodh factory, narangi, mosambi, nimbu.... or whatever else you might want to eat. Blank Noise has created this food chart as an attempt to revise the relationship between- image, word and meaning. First published on the Blank Noise blog (2007)

* all images used in this project have been sourced via the internet. 

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