I Never Ask For It is a long term mission and commitment to end victim blame and all attitudes that have long justified sexual violence as experienced across spaces, identities and geographies. It is built through the ongoing efforts of Action Heroes, citizens, persons and women, since 2004.

We are motivated by the conversations it takes to build this mission together. to build a new public memory.

"I feel safe when I am heard. I feel safe when I am not judged. I feel safe when I don't have to justify, defend, explain, defend, over and over and over again.

I, Action Hero, am your safe space, as you are mine."


Blame permeates across spaces and identities experiencing violence.

To be told, "You made me lose my temper" - Domestic Violence / To be punished for being queer or outside of the gender binary / To be denied access to justice for being a sex worker who wants to report sexual assault / To being murdered in the name of family honour / To own the right to the length of hair, or skirt. There is no excuse for sexual violence.

I Never Ask For It is informed and built through multiple processes, campaigns, and sustained engagement in the form of street interventions, workshops, collaborative research, with communities, partners, allies, and citizens / Action Heroes spanning such environments as workplace, campus and public space. We look forward to hearing from you, and to building this mission together.