Action Sheroes ‘Walk Towards Healing’.

Action Sheroes take to the streets, bringing with them garments they wore when they experienced sexual violence . The garment testimonials, build the I Never Ask For It mission, walking together, in solidarity, across the city streets and lanes.

Bystanders, boys and men, are invited to position their role as witness. To read testimonials. To respond. To share the weight and move from a position of ‘knowing this exists’ to taking ownership.

Women, adolescent girls, and persons beyond the gender binaries, join in, walk along, add their experiences of sexual violence, and affirm I Never Ask For It.

Bangalore, 2019

Bangalore, 2018

Bangalore, 2017

koklata/Bangalore 2010

Walk towards Healing - Toolkit.
Guide for Action Sheroes/ Heroes/Theyroes
Participants, coordinations and organisers.
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