Internship Starting November 10th, 2019

Internship period:

November 10th, 2019- Jan 31st 2020 (2.5 months)
November 10th,2019 - 15th December 2019 (1.5 months)
February 1st, 2020 - June 30th 2020 ( Select your one month)

List of ongoing research projects for intern applicants to consider.

Project 1: Campus Climate: Towards Building A Feminist Campus

(In collaboration with Centre For Internet And Society, Bangalore)

Internship duration: 10th November - 31st November
Place : Blank Noise Studio, Yelahanka, Bangalore
Stipend: 10,000 x 3 months = 30,000/ INR


  • Who aligns with the I Never Ask For It mission, with student voices and resistance.

  • Can lead, enable, assist the vision of the project, given that the intern is stepping into the vision for a brief period of time.

  • Has a background in research and communication / documentary filmmaking background/journalism/ sound editing/ data visualisation and storytelling/ content creation/ mapping data and analysis.

  • Can create and manage multimedia metadata, archives, contact list and calendar.

  • Can speak English, Hindi and a third language ( kannada  preferred). Telugu/ Tamil/ Malayalam optional.

Project Brief

The intern will be working on an ongoing initiative called the 'Campus Climate: Towards Building A Feminist Campus'. This project will identify and spotlight sexual harassment, patriarchy and victim blame on campuses in an effort to recognise a climate of resistance to rape culture and patriarchy on campuses in India. The project will lead to creating an Action Shero campus network that is committed to ending victim blame on their campus. The project is being carried out in 2 phases.

Phase 1 : Research (completed): A meta data archive of student led protests , in response to victim blame and patriarchy, across campuses in India between 2008 and 2018. A total of 21 reports have been gathered through various sources online.

Phase 2:  Community Building via Audio Visual Media and Storytelling. (ongoing) 

The second phase of the Campus Climate initiative moves from research to community building via media and communication. In Phase 2, a minimum of 12 student leaders from 12 campuses across India will be their own story tellers. This phase will allow for the research to move from sources that have been visible / accessible in the news media, to identifying and inviting student leaders to share their narratives of student resistance and campus climate in their own words and voices.  Student leaders will be connected, initiating a network and invited to respond to the I Never Ask For It mission.

The intern will primarily document first person narratives of student protests against sexual harassment and gender discriminatory rules on campus. The interview will also attempt to document, raise questions and analyse patterns in student resistance.

The intern will conduct interviews in person, or on skype/zoom.

The research and documentation will create a product/ publication to be released as an episodic audio/ or audio visual podcast on the Campus Climate.  

The Intern’s main responsibilities include:

1. Conducting research and documenting campus uprisings in response to sexual harassment, victim blame and patriarchy on campus between 2018 - 2019. This involves updating the existing metadata archive.
2. From the existing research, identify potential student allies for the I Never Ask For It mission, initiate communication or carry forward ongoing conversations and prepare questionnaires for student leader interviews.
4. Conducting and documenting Audio/ audio - video interviews in person or online. This will be followed by transcribing and editing audio or video to create podcasts for publishing.
5. Assisting in everyday organizational needs and participating in various Blank Noise interventions during the internship.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 8th Nov, 2019


Campus Climate Internship Summary 2018 (Phase 1)

Action Shero Intern Aditi Mazumdar built the project, Campus Climate: Towards Building a Feminist Campus from August to December 2018. As a part of the project, Aditi looked at Campus Uprisings, documenting and mapping student-led protests in India in response to rape culture and patriarchy on campus in the past decade. Aditi gathered 21 reports of student led protests across India between 2008 - 2018

Screenshot_20180919-104334__01 (1).jpg

Action Shero Intern Aditi Mazumdar

“The project is part of an attempt or rather a committal to pull the issue of campus patriarchy out of its shadows, to not only discuss it as a major problem that needs to be combatted, but also in place of building a larger goal of imagining and envisioning what a safe campus would look like.”
— Action Shero Aditi Mazumdar

Project 2: Campus Community Outreach

Internship duration: 8th November - 14th December
Place : Blank Noise studio, Yelahanka, Bangalore
Outcome: Blank Noise Internship Certificate on successful completion


  • Who aligns with the I Never Ask For It mission.

  • Has experience in/ interested in movement building, event management, student mobilisation and outreach.

  • Is extremely organised, can create and manage excel sheet databases, source and document information on college calendars, events  etc.

  • Preference for candidates who are still students involved in college activities/fests student networks / college groups etc.

  • Can speak English, Kannada and a third language ( Hindi preferred). 

Project Brief:

As campus coordinator intern, the intern will be responsible for outreach and mobilisation of students on Bangalore campuses for the I Never Ask For It mission. The intern will be responsible for scheduling a series of talks on a minimum of 9, max 12 campuses in Bangalore between November 25th - December 14th 2019. The talks will be conducted by Blank Noise founder/ director Jasmeen Patheja, inviting students in Bangalore to respond to the I Never Ask For It mission. The intern will take a deep dive into movement building and learn what it takes to organise and implement interventions at a global level.

The following will be the intern’s main responsibilities:

1. Designing a process towards making the campus talks happen. This could include contacting the gender cell/women's cell in all colleges. The intern is required to submit a proposal, laying out steps on how they will arrive at this goal.
2. Create a list of student college festivals in Bangalore on 50 different campuses.
3. Mobilising persons and friends for the #INeverAskForIt Walk Towards Healing by Dec 1st, 2019 and #MeetToSleep on Dec 15th. Both interventions are a global call to action.
4. Transcription of an existing audio interview with an Action Shero (1hr)
5. Any administrative needs and duties that Blank Noise might require during the period of internship. 

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 8th Nov, 2019



Project 3:Campus Patriarchy Data

A compilation and analysis of hostel rules and dress codes amongst 150 colleges in India.

The colleges should be both government and private. 
The colleges should be both all girls and across gender. The colleges should be in both rural and urban India. 
The Campus Patriarchy Data should be a just representation.
ll of the research will be added to a Campus Patriarchy Data, for public knowledge. 
The intern’s efforts include research, mapping and digital storytelling. 


To Apply:

Intern applicant is required to submit a 200 word proposing a potential media research outcome from the two and half month engagement. It could be a data visualisation map, audio podcast, interviews, academic paper, photo essay. 

The intern will be recognised as one of the collaborators in the long process of building this. This is an ongoing collaborative research project, built and led by multiple collaborators, mostly through internship and classroom engagement. The intern is required to step in the project for a period of two months and build it.

Both projects are located within Blank Noise, and its I Never Ask For It mission; a global call to eradicate victim blame. The I Never Ask For It mission, builds a collaborative research project titled: Reporting To Remember. Reporting To Remember documents incidents of sexual assault that have been justified systemically, through victim blame. The two research project, Campus Uprising and Campus Patriarchy Data will contribute to #ReportingToRemember

This internship is a collaboration between Blank Noise, Centre For Internet and Society, and Sangamma

A potential outcome of this documentation is for it to: 

  • Become a spring board, to imagine, envision what a safe campus looks & feels like.

  • Create solidarity amongst campuses and students.

  • Document and articulate the shifting climate of rape culture and patriarchy on campus.

  • Document and articulate student led protests in response to rape culture and patriarchy on campus.

  • Establish patterns as well as connections between various incidents of sexual assault, blame and warnings across campuses.

  • Being able to reveal questions and insights on the due process and the need for feminist infrastructure on campus.


Project 4: Oral Herstories Podcast

The project interviews past Action Sheroes, Theyroes, Heroes, individuals who have contributed to Blank Noise between 2003 and 2019. Blank Noise is the story of a growing community.

Skill sets: audio recording, editing, publication.


Project 5: I Never Ask For It Archive.

Working on the I Never Ask For It mission in the following ways:
Archiving garments and their audio testimonials.
Research and data analysis on the iterations of I Never Ask For It at Blank Noise.
Details to be updated.

Project 6: Building I Never Ask For It Allies.

I Never Ask For It relies on being a co created mission.
The interns joining this project will work towards building local, national, and international allies towards the I Never Ask For It project.
Nature of work: research, outreach, data and analysis.