Moments of a Long Pause is a two channel video installation based on interviews with men and women on the streets of 5 cities in India (Delhi, Agra, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Calcutta) . The video brings men and women in a conversation about dealing with sexual harassment, sexual violence, flirting, play, wooing, 'teasing'.  The dialogue between the 2 monitors explores feelings of shame, blame, guilt, denial, fear ,resistance.  Duration- 18 minutes loop

Moments Of A Long Pause.  commissioned by the Bronx Museum of Arts towards the exhibition,  Street Art, Street Life in 2008. Video edit space supported by Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.  Medium- 2 channel video. The original two channel video has been edited to be viewed on one screen, for online viewing only. 

Directed by : Jasmeen Patheja Credits & Support : Annie Zaidi, Dana Roy, Hemangini Gupta, Gogol, Nupur Mathur, Smriti Chanchani, Umang Bhattacharya,Timo Boeker (edit).