Meet To Sleep 2016 : 16th Jan

Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi, Goa,
Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Islamabad,
Karachi, Lahore, Vadodara

Meet To Sleep in January, 2016 was a collective action co created by Girls At Dhabas, Pakistan and Action Sheroes, Heroes and theyroes in Pune, Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, HyDERABAD and Why Loiter, Mumbai to name a few.

Special Stories from Allies and Action Sheroes

Meet To Sleep, Bangalore

Cubbon Park

Action Heroes: Joshua C.D, Susan Jose, Vikash Lohia, Arvind Thyagarajan, Anubandh, Rutuja Chitra, Pranita, Sandhya.S, Madhu Shukla, Vijji Chari, Yogesh Dilhor, Harini Vasudevan, Vijaya Savithri, Priyanka Pai, Tom Krippner, Chitra. B, Sachi Raval, Manasvini Shankar, Tansushree Borundia, Kiri Meili, Megha R. Mehta, Vira Mistry, Jasmeen Patheja.

Lying down with my back sinking into the earth below while my eyes found a beautiful view above, filled with so many shades of green , intertwined branches and the sky that faded into infinity. I felt safe, to doze off, to dream , to dance in the warmth of the sunlight. Each leaf on the branches above me was there because it received the warmth and the light of the sun, me lying down under this beautiful foliage was possible because I felt the warmth of safety.

- Action Shero Tansushree Borundia

Meet To Sleep, Hyderabad

Sanjeevaiah Park, Hyderabad

Action Shero Ally: CLAAP
Action Sheroes:
Swetha Dandapani, Suma, Payal, Sana, Rukmini

Meet To Sleep, Pune

Chittaranjan Vatika Park

Action Sheroes: Kaustubh Joshi, Saachi Dayal, Naksha Erappa, Ameya Gutta, Sayali Patwardhan

Meet To Sleep, Mumbai

Hiranandani Gardens

Action Shero Ally: Why Loiter
Action Sheroes:  Chaitra Yadavar, Neha Singh, Aditi Pinto, Avinay Yadav, Anamika Deb

We chose Hiranandani park as it was decided by the Mumbai participants. This is a pay and enter park and mostly couples come here. Very few families were present. There was noone to take permission from the Municipal authorities and we just went ahead. Maybe for the next event of Meet to sleep, we will try to take permission for it.

There are a couple of parks in Mumbai where sleeping in them and eating is not allowed and this was one of them, but we missed reading this board outside. The entire experience of what both Anamika and I had never done before was interesting and overall it was fun as we were trying to convince the guards and giving them logic. :)

Meet To Sleep, Delhi

Deer Park

Action Sheroes: Katherine Leider, Avani Tandon, Mahima Taneja, Shruti Patil, Sanjay Nagraj Deshpande, Paromita, Swarnima, Shruthi, Shraddha, Somesh, Amrutha, Nyam Koi, Gathesa, Lisa

I joined the Meet To Sleep today because for the love of sleeping in the sun in winters without feeling scared, in company and maybe we all will individually reach a point where we can do that alone as well.

- Action Shero Avani

Meet To Sleep, Goa

Campal Children’s Park

Action Sheroes: Chryselle D’Silva

I must admit the thought of not being in control in a public park petrifies me and it is precisely because of that that I’d like to do this.

-Action Shero Chryselle

Meet To Sleep, Jaipur

Central Park

Action Sheroes: Sukriti Suryavanshi, Meenal Jain, Supriya, Aarushi Kilawat, Parul Khanna, Satyashree Sethia,
Palak Khandelwal

Meet To Sleep, Jodhpur

Umaid Udyan

Action Sheroes: Barathi Nakkeeran, Sanjana Srikumar, Meghna Sengupta, Aditi Ameria, Divya Gupta, Pragati K.B.

Meet To Sleep, Vadodara


Action Sheroes: Vaidehi Shah, Priyal Shah, Mahima Mehta, Vinitaa Bokadia, Cheshta Chavla, Bhusha Trivedi, Dr. Kanishka Aggarwal, Mallika Pathak, Ashini Katwala, Khushi Pandya 

Meet To Sleep, Pakistan

Action Shero Allies: Girls At Dhabas

I paid ten rupees to step into the park and squinted around looking for the rest. The man at the gate pointed towards the left ‘aapki dostain udhar baithi hain’ (your friends are sat there) . We have already been identified as a group, an anomaly. But I nod and join the rest. We are four girls. Two of us are well prepared to ‘sleep’ and have brought sheets, neck pillows and things to read and munch on. We walk around looking for shade. The park is pretty enough but not very clean. Couples have occupied most of the more comfortable spots. They look at us while we walk around. The women are in abaayas but many have taken their shoes off and sit close to the men they’re with. There are groups of men too; loitering about, on the phone or smoking. Nobody says anything as we settle down and get comfortable. It is too early for me to sleep and I’m too distracted to read either so I flip through a magazine and look around. A couple nearby has moved away. A man walks by and glances at the cigarette in my hand. Beyond that, it is almost serene. We munch on biscuits and talk a little but mostly we just lapse into our own thoughts. One of us even manages a short nap!

-Action Shero Amna, Karachi




MTS Khi 1.jpg

Action Sheroes and Heores: Zoya Rehman, Komal, Steph, Osmaan, Abdullah

Action Sheroes and Heroes: Natasha Ansari, Sadia Khatri, Hadi Khatri, Basil Andrews, Amna Chaudhry, Habiba, Mahnoor

Action Sheroes and Heroes: Tahira Babar, Saadia Abbasi, Sanayah Malik, Mehbrano Raja, Abdul Mueed, Qanitah, Sumaira Inayat