Action Hero Chaitra

The fact that we tried to get over our fear and we did sleep even though it was only for 30-40 mins instead of 1.5 hour was great. After a while the security guards came and told us to get up..we didn't listen, but continued after he went back. Next time he got 4 of them and again asked us to sit and not sleep. We were giving him various reasons and logic. Anamika even said 'Ghar mein tala hai, hum ghar jaake nahi so sakte', to which he said, 'Toh fir taala todo.' All these dialogues were very interesting. My friends joined for about 20 mins so later it was 4 of us and then all of us were arguing with the guards. We saw them telling other people who were half-lying down to sit straight.

It would have definitely felt better to be part of a bigger group and do this together. At a point we knew we had to stop and get up as they were requesting us and they were only doing their jobs, the authority to give us permission was with the Municipal office. I would have liked if people who had come into the garden had asked us why we were sleeping, which didn't happen. Getting over the fear of sleeping in the park, doing something I hadn't done before and being vulnerable in such a public space was interesting. The experience was worthwhile.