Action Hero Somesh

I just came to know about this event a couple of hours ago and the first thing that crossed my mind  was will I even be allowed here because as a male am I supposed to feel unsafe in a public space and then I thought about all the times that I actually felt unsafe in a public space which was actually quite a lot so I thought  why not give  this a shot. Just last night I was  at a railway station in  Jaipur and even there I had to think twice before falling sleep.  And then the next day I come here and I get to know that something like this is happening I thought okay lets…. At least one time I should  do this. I might be able to do this again and again given that I saw quite a few men sleeping randomly while coming here. But to do this in such an organized manner… and maybe to learn about what your experiences. I think that adds to its value. And it feels good coming here.