Action Hero Amrutha

I’m originally from Pune but I’ve been in delhi for over 5 years now.  And I understand the importance  of this event in terms of  reclaiming your public spaces but I also feel is that fear is something what you have in your head. A lot of times when I have been absolutely pissed drunk and I have taken auto at midnight by myself  and I was like let me see what happens and nothing happens. Everyone tells me you’re in Delhi you should carry a pepper spray with you, I refuse to do that. Because I don’t want to live in that constant fear that because I’m a woman and something will happen to me. So I wear whatever I want , I walk out at any time I want, I’ve taken cabs all over at one thirty- two o clock in the night. So… and as we’ve seen today  it’s a good thing we were in a group  but tomorrow if we come alone and if you are sleeping with confidence or whatever you are  with confidence people may not really bother you.