Akeli Awaara Azaad
अकेली आवारा आज़ाद 

On Her Own, Unapologetic, Free

Hum Sab Akele Every one of us is on her own
Hum Sab Eksaath We are united

What do the three words Akeli Awaara Azaad mean to women and girls across India and the world? What does it mean to be on your own, and autonomous? In what ways are each of us negotiating the given (and shifting) environments of patriarchy?

The Akeli Awaara Azaad campaign invites lived interpretations to the three words, and brings a country of women to unite in its plurality, in solidarity.  

450 Action Sheroes reaching in across towns, cities across India have stepped in to build Akeli Awaara Azaad.

We unite asserting our right to live free from fear, warnings, blame.

Ongoing Blank Noise interventions such as Meet To Sleep and I Never Ask For It have enabled the Akeli Awaara Azaad voice to grow, and resonate.

In phase 2 of Akeli Awaara Azaad, Blank Noise invites women to articulate Akeli Awaara Azaad in different languages.


Akeli Awaara Azaad 

On her own, Unapologetic, Free.
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