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Meet To Sleep

Meet To Sleep invites all women, girls, persons to become Action Heroes by taking a nap in their very own public parks.

Action Heroes assert the right to live free from fear and defenceless.

Sleep is protest.

We sleep to create new narratives for our bodies, ourselves, and our public environments.
We, Meet To Sleep, to fight fear, we have long been taught to carry.
We, Meet to Sleep for the right to live defenceless. Trusting even.
We, Meet To Sleep, to create a new reality, through collective action.
We, Meet To Sleep because collective action is powerful and can create new collective memory.

Our bodies will, through new learnt experience, tell new stories ; located in belonging, connection, pride.
Replacing fear, shame and violation.
We Meet To Sleep, to heal.

This is a call to global action.
To create the event where you are or to participate

Pre register via text message: send MTS to 91.9886840612

or Register here

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