What makes women, girls, survivors of violence, remember the clothes?


Listen. I Never Ask For It.

Garment and Audio testimonials

This holds a mirror to the truth that women and girls are raised in an environment of warning that repeatedly justifies sexual violence against them. I Never Ask For It is a mission to end victim blame by building testimonies of clothing.

Action Sheroes are revisiting memory, recalling a time they experienced sexual assault, discrimination or injustice. They are building I Never Ask For It by bringing the garment worn at the time of experience. The garment is memory, witness, voice. In 2023, ten thousand garments will stand united in sites of public significance.

Action Sheroes,also women, girls and persons just like you and me, unite.

May we never have to ‘defend ourselves’.
Nor ever have to carry the weight of warnings.
We assert our right to live defenceless.
Sexual violence can no longer be justified.

Send the garment you wore when you experienced sexual or gender based violence. Please add a note sharing your experience, and why you are stepping in to build this mission. Let us be heard. There is no excuse for sexual violence. I Never Ask For It.


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