The I Never Ask For It project is a long term mission, and commitment
to end victim blame and all attitudes that have long justified sexual violence as experienced across spaces, identities and geographies. It is built through ongoing efforts of Action Heroes, citizens, persons and women, since 2004. 

Action Heroes bring or send in the clothes they wore when they experienced sexual violence. The garment is memory. witness. voice. These garments are being archived through a range of processes, including street interventions, campus interventions, exhibitions and workshops. By 2022,  we envision, ten thousand garments standing together in sites of public significance. Each garment resonates I Never Ask For It. 

Action Heroes have been building the ,' I Never Ask For It ', mission , by bringing in the garments they wore when they experienced sexual violence. We envision 10,000 garments facing sites of public significance by the year 2022. 

We are motivated by the conversations it takes to build this project together. We are motivated by the healing it could offer. We are also motivated by the idea that building I Never Ask For It ,requires us to be each others safe space. Our garments are our voice, witness, memory and truth. Step in. Offer listening. co create. I Never Ask For It


Send the garment you wore when you experienced sexual or gender based violence, to this address. Please add a note sharing your experience, and why you are stepping in to build this project. Let us be heard. There is no excuse for sexual violence. I Never Ask For It.


Send Garment 

Blank Noise
c/o Srishti Institute Of Art Design and Technology
Bangalore 560064