Reporting to Remember : The Team

An estimate of + 100 Action Sheroes/Heroes/Theyroes Have built and are building Reporting To Remember since 2009:

Reporting To Remember has been built by multiple collaborators from members of the Blank Noise community, class led research projects, to Blank Noise internship projects and Fellowship Programs. The archive also envisions to be built by multiple collaborators including fellow activists, feminist organisations and collectives in India and globally.

Credits and Contributions since 2009 include:

Action Shero/hero/Theyro VOLUNTEERS

Insiya Poonawala
Sascha Hughes-Caley
Rishita Nandagiri
Urvashi Bahuguna
Abhisikta Dasgupta
Vaibhav Bhawsar
Preethi G
Nilofar Shamim Haja
Rupali Arora
Ishani Ghose

Riddhi Sharma
Abhaya Tatavarti
Rubin Sagar
Pratham Ajila
Aishwarya Datt
Action Shero Lisa
Prachi Kardam
Anadi Sharma

Manpreet Singh
Swati Khaitan
Diya Pinto
Rashi Sinha
Koninika roy
Avani Tandon Vieira
Nirbheek Chauhan
Pallavi Malhotra
Vira Mistry
Eeshita Kapadiya
Riddhi Sharma

Feminist Allies

Hollaback, Buenos Aires


Amalie M. Vikse
Atreyee Majumder
Ameya Gutta
Lijya Perayil
Rahael Wilson


Students of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Students of Grinnell College, IOWA, USA


Ways to collaborate

Students can apply to intern or volunteer at Blank Noise to build the Reporting To Remember Project and Archive, here.

If you have a report to share, and would like to add to the Reporting To Remember archive as an individual, you can do so here.

If you are a feminist organisation/ collective, or looking to collaborate in other ways , register to be a feminist ally here.


The Current Team of Reporting To Remember Project

September 2018 - ongoing

Blank Noise is working with the Ashoka University Young India Fellows from September 2018 to May 2019. The Young India Fellow Team has been involved in the research, mapping, reviewing meta data and setting up a research methodology.
The team is also working towards the dissemination of Reporting To Remember Archive via a public intervention.

Anand Dubey   Young India Fellow 2018 Ashoka University

Anand Dubey
Young India Fellow 2018
Ashoka University

The Reporting To Remember Project can involve the public in a capacity where they engage with the blame narrative at a level that not only initiates conversations but also propels change at the individual and social level.

Anand is looking at news stories coming out of the UK as well as reports highlighting how the blame narrative is propagated by different agencies e.g. police, media, immediate neighborhood of the victim etc, and how such narratives exist everywhere and in turn creates a culture where sexual harassment is normalized for growing up girls and boys.

Salik Bashrat   Young India Fellow 2018 Ashoka University

Salik Bashrat
Young India Fellow 2018
Ashoka University

Before working on Reporting to Remember,
I hadn’t fully grasped the consequences of victim blaming and the blame narrative. Once I began researching, I realized that the implications of victim blaming are far-reaching and need to be dealt with immediately.

Salik has worked on researching and documenting cases of victim blaming in the Middle Eastern region. He has looked at individual stories, and also tried to understand why certain sexist laws existed and how policy changes have tried to tackle discrimination against women.

Shivangi Jalan   Young India Fellow 2018 Ashoka University

Shivangi Jalan
Young India Fellow 2018
Ashoka University

Putting a face to all those stories has left me with a sense of urgency to execute everything we have planned in this direction. It has also led me to believe that the construction of such a narrative involves its own set of complexities and understanding all of those particulars needs patience and perseverance.

Shivangi has worked on adding stories of India to the archive of reports that perpetuate the system of victim blaming. She has also contributed in ideating and planning the further course of action in this project and structuring it according to the plans decided.

Shubham Gupta   Young India Fellow 2018 Ashoka University

Shubham Gupta
Young India Fellow 2018
Ashoka University

Reporting To Remember is trying to keep incidents of victim blaming in cases of sexual violence alive in the collective public memory, with the larger goal of changing the mindset. At an individual level, the project has opened my eyes to how pervasive the problem of victim blaming is in society.

Shubham has worked on understanding the narrative around victim blaming in Europe. With the team of five, he has also worked on structuring the project and making it more accessible.

Snigdha Budhiraja   Young India Fellow 2018 Ashoka University

Snigdha Budhiraja
Young India Fellow 2018
Ashoka University

As an individual, it opened my eyes to implicit manifestations of the blame narrative in the daily conversations around us and the need to fight it, individually and collectively. Sometimes in the guise of protection and sometimes in passive acceptance of the “zamana kharaab hai” mentality, victim blaming and shaming lurks in the corners of the most well-lit quarters.

Snigdha has worked on understanding the narrative of blame in South India. Apart from research, she has contributed toward analysis and structuring of the project.