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16th December. Action Heroes Meet To Sleep. Registration Open

Action Hero Tharunya,  Meet To Sleep

Meet To Sleep will be held on 16th December, 2017.
This is an invitation to all, individuals ,communities, organisations, across cities, towns, villages, countries, identities, to make it your own.

Take a nap in your public parks.
Sleep. Alone. Together.
We sleep to fight fear, through trust and belonging.
In sleep we assert our right to be defenceless.
In sleep we protest.
December 16th, 2017
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Meet To Sleep

Towards Freedom From Fear

16th January 2016
Meet To Sleep , Bangalore
Location: Cubbon Park
Action Heroes: Joshua C.D, Susan Jose, Vikash Lohia, Arvind Thyagarajan, Anubandh, Rutuja Chitra, Pranita, Sandhya.S, Madhu Shukla, Vijji Chari, Yogesh Dilhor, Harini Vasudevan, Vijaya Savithri, Priyanka Pai, Tom Krippner, Chitra. B, Sachi Raval, Manasvini Shankar, Tansushree Borundia, Kiri Meili, Megha R. Mehta, Vira Mistry, Jasmeen Patheja.


AH Madhu.jpg



Lying down with my back sinking into the earth below while my eyes found a beautiful view above, filled with so many shades of green , intertwined branches and the sky that faded into infinity. I felt safe, to doze off, to dream , to dance in the warmth of the sunlight.  Each leaf on the branches above me was there because it received the warmth and the light of the sun, me lying down under this beautiful foliage was possible because I felt the warmth of safety.  - Action Hero Tansushree Borundia


I found it pretty easy to sleep knowing that there were people around whom i "knew", even if very briefly. I think it would be a much bigger challenge to try the experiment alone, or in the evening, or in a place more sparsely populated than Cubbon Park is on the weekend.  - Action Hero Manasvini Shankar

This was the second Meet To Sleep event I attended. Both times with my little daughter. And this time was really different from the first - here's how. The first time I did it for myself and for my child. I couldn't sleep, I had a book and a sheet to feel safe. And I was very self conscious. The space was beautiful and I did end up dozing off in the winter sun but woke up to every sound. The second time I did it for a larger cause. And my way of participating was to challenge myself. So no book, no sheet. I stared at the longest time at the lovely canopy and then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

What really helped was Jasmeen's briefing at the start, where the intent was communicated so well. And at the end, the sharing was longer and helped connect to the movement most deeply. It was weird and yet so natural that a group of strangers felt a sense of safety in each others' presence.

When my 11-year old daughter was hearing the adults share, she kept whispering back to me, "what is the big deal about sleeping in a park". While she may be too young to understand this, my hope is that with movements such as these, she would continue to ask this question even as an adult woman living in India.

Thank you Blank Noise for holding this space for us.  - Action Hero Vijji Chari


I had a very beautiful serene experience at the event. I was inspired by my friend Vijji to make it for this. I value freedom of expression and being,  for each person-  and the cause of women claiming public spaces is very important and relevant in today's otherwise constricting to death  and hostile atmosphere in public spaces.

I have spent time occasionally in Cubbon park in the recent years.. and all through my time trying to nap a part of me kept asking me why i didn’t do this more often. I have like minded company to do it, I enjoyed the park, I love Bangalore, I love nature and contemplation - but what holds me back?
So in all these thoughts I didn’t completely fall asleep. I wanted to real bad.. but my mind did not fully let go. Maybe it was all too exciting or that the other people in the vicinity (not from our group) did play on my mind.

So I was able to relax my body in spite of my alert buzzing mind-  I was aware of random men walking and sitting real close to where I was lying down and I did check on them occasionally. I realised they were simply curious but their cameras made me very uncomfortable (in hindsight). I was also aware of a few men in the distance.. just standing in the thickets.. staring ahead.. maybe not even looking at us ( but my mind would take off like an alarm - psycho masturbator.. flasher.. gross... ) . When stranger women, couples or families crossed I felt absolutely at ease , even if the family maybe disapproving.

At the end of it I just lay watching my breath, the leaves and birds and was able to get my mind off the transitioning crowds around me. I could enter solitude and did not force myself to fall asleep. As I think of this experience now, I realise that my years of conditioning and experience probably did not allow me to relax. And to truly occupy the space fully.. is not just to be able to do it physically ( which is a great step forward) but also  to do it mentally and emotionally. Which  I wasn’t able to do completely . And that is an important insight for me.

And that inspires me to be a part of the next event, or take some naps by myself.. as a process  to allow myself to occupy and inhabit a space fully.

Thank you for creating this beautiful space.. I was very moved by the idea as well as the way you held the space with a cool groundedness. I am so glad to be a part of this.  Action Hero Madhu Shukla


Meet To Sleep Hyderabad
Action Hero Ally : CLAAP
Location: Sanjeevaiah Park, Hyderabad
Action Heroes: Swetha Dandapani, Suma, Payal, Sana, Rukmini



Meet To Sleep Pune
Chittaranjan Vatika Park
Action Heroes: Kaustubh Joshi, Saachi Dayal, Naksha Erappa, Ameya Gutta, Sayali Patwardhan




Meet To Sleep , Mumbai
Action Hero Ally: Why Loiter
Location: Hiranandani Gardens
Action Heroes:  Chaitra Yadavar, Neha Singh,  ( Why Loiter) , Aditi Pinto, Avinay Yadav, Anamika Deb




Time: 4.40 pm- 4.50 pm, 5.15 pm-5.40 pm

We chose Hiranandani park as it was decided by the Mumbai participants. This is a pay and enter park and mostly couples come here. Very few families were present. There was noone to take permission from the Municipal authorities and we just went ahead. Maybe for the next event of Meet to sleep, we will try to take permission for it.

There are a couple of parks in Mumbai where sleeping in them and eating is not allowed and this was one of them, but we missed reading this board outside. The entire experience of what both Anamika and I had never done before was interesting and overall it was fun as we were trying to convince the guards and giving them logic. :)

Anamika: I had never slept in a park before and this was the first time so it was interesting. I got to argue with the guards and fight a bit with them to let us sleep in the park, which we couldn't do for much time. But we managed for sometime at least like 20 mins. It was an interesting and fun experience overall.

Chaitra: The fact that we tried to get over our fear and we did sleep even though it was only for 30-40 mins instead of 1.5 hour was great. After a while the security guards came and told us to get up..we didn't listen, but continued after he went back. Next time he got 4 of them and again asked us to sit and not sleep. We were giving him various reasons and logic. Anamika even said 'Ghar mein tala hai, hum ghar jaake nahi so sakte', to which he said, 'Toh fir taala todo.' All these dialogues were very interesting. My friends joined for about 20 mins so later it was 4 of us and then all of us were arguing with the guards. We saw them telling other people who were half-lying down to sit straight.
It would have definitely felt better to be part of a bigger group and do this together. At a point we knew we had to stop and get up as they were requesting us and they were only doing their jobs, the authority to give us permission was with the Municipal office. I would have liked if people who had come into the garden had asked us why we were sleeping, which didn't happen. Getting over the fear of sleeping in the park, doing something I hadn't done before and being vulnerable in such a public space was interesting. The experience was worthwhile.

Meet To Sleep Delhi, Dilli!
Location: Deer Park
Action Heroes: Katherine Leider, Avani Tandon, Mahima Taneja, Shruti Patil, Sanjay Nagraj Deshpande, Paromita, Swarnima, Shruthi, Shraddha, Somesh, Amrutha, Nyam Koi, Gathesa, Lisa



Action Heroes Delhi, report:

A transcript:

“ So we’re recording, if you are on the far side of the circle, please speak up.  So I want to start by just going around, and can everybody say their name and why they’re here today.

Hi my name is Avani, I’ve been associated with Blank Noise for a while now, so when Jasmeen told me that they were planning to organize this I was fairly excited about this because I study in Delhi University and I wasn’t from Delhi earlier so I know all of the anxieties of being a new person in the city and being a woman in the city.  I was excited about maybe tackling some of those fears.
I joined the Meet To Sleep today because for the love of sleeping in the sun in winters without feeling scared, in company and maybe we all will individually reach a point where we can do that alone as well.

My name is Shruthi, I think over the period of one year I have personally tried to go out by myself or try to come back home by myself take a cab by myself  and you know all of it is so problematic.  I think this is one of the ways of furthering a personal goal of  you know just going out by myself. I think.

Hi my name is Sanjay I heard about the event three days ago from a friend who she thought I would be interested in participating in. I thought it was interesting. Reclaiming public spaces has been an academic discourse  for a really long time. However we hardly see it translating into  any, say, physical action. Today again I was hanging out with friends and I asked my friends what they were up to and they told me that they are here, and I said that’s interesting lets try it out  purely out of chance, nothing else.

Hi I’m Paromita, I only came here to sleep, read in the open, which I’ve never done and It was an amazing experience.  (And also we chattered too much ?)

My name is Swarnima and I came here especially to take a break from work because this is something so rare women just lounging around in a park  and just chatting or even sleeping , some people were actually sleeping. So,  it’s just something really rare something we hardly get to do and something I’ve obviously wanted to do a lot. So it was great.

Hi I’m Shruthi,  I’m not from Delhi, I came here from work. I thought  I’m getting an opportunity to sleep in an open space with  people with the same kind of outlook.

Hi I’m Shraddha,  I’ve been in Delhi for a while now  but I came here just to sleep and it was really nice. I did manage to, you know, catch some sleep and it was wonderful and I love to sleep so, you do it in your bed and you do it in the office and you do it in cars and buses.  I don’t know why I haven’t tried doing it in a park yet. I mean at least in delhi I haven’t. so yeah, the was great.

Hi I’ve been in Delhi for quite a while now, 8 years or something but every now and then I  look at the park below  my house and I keep wondering why can’t I sleep on this bench because I really really love nature and I love open spaces. So when I got to know about this opportunity I thought that it was really good. And I already feel quite rejuvenated so thank you.

Hi I’m Somesh, and I just came to know about this event a couple of hours ago and the first thing that crossed my mind  was will I even be allowed here because as a male am I supposed to feel unsafe in a public space and then I thought about all the times that I actually felt unsafe in a public space which was actually quite a lot so I thought  why not give  this a shot. Just last night I was  at a railway station in  Jaipur and even there I had to think twice before falling sleep.  And then the next day I come here and I get to know that something like this is happening I thought okay lets…. At least one time I should  do this. I might be able to do this again and again given that I saw quite a few men sleeping randomly while coming here. But to do this in such an organized manner… and maybe to learn about what your experiences. I think that adds to its value. And it feels good coming here.

Hi my name is Amrutha and I’m originally from Pune but I’ve been in delhi for over 5 years now.  And I understand the importance  of this event in terms of  reclaiming your public spaces but I also feel is that fear is something what you have in your head. A lot of times when I have been absolutely pissed drunk and I have taken auto at midnight by myself  and I was like let me see what happens and nothing happens. Everyone tells me you’re in Delhi you should carry a pepper spray with you, I refuse to do that. Because I don’t want to live in that constant fear that because I’m a woman and something will happen to me. So I wear whatever I want , I walk out at any time I want, I’ve taken cabs all over at one thirty- two o clock in the night. So… and as we’ve seen today  it’s a good thing we were in a group  but tomorrow if we come alone and if you are sleeping with confidence or whatever you are  with confidence people may not really bother you.

Hello I’m Nyam Koi and I was thinking what should I be saying on this and it just struck me that I always actually after lunch if I get  time in the university law I just go out and sit there. and umm it’s slightly different outside than this area because definitely we feel different, we feel much more safer in the campus but this is a good initiative and reclaiming the public space is really important for I think the movement and yeah, thanks for the initiative.

Hi I’m Gathesa, and I just got an invitation from facebook and I came, I have never been part of any event like this and I came here purely out of curiosity

Hello I am Lisa, thank you for this event whoever is organizing this and I just came out to hang out with my friends and at the same time apart from having fun with my friends I kind of like felt the purpose of reclaiming the public space. And thank you for that.

So hey I’m Kat, I’m writing my PhD on performative responses  to the delhi bus gang rape of 2012 and I went out into Bangalore last week and met Jasmeen Patheja who started Blank Noise. Had a really long conversation with her about how she thinks we live in a world in which we are governed by the politics of fear. And in which where fear is used as a way of controlling us and telling us what’s appropriate or inappropriate for us to be doing and she said I want to live in a world that is based on the politics of trust. And I’d never heard someone put it that way before, like I had never someone say what happens if we just like, decide the world is based in a politics of trust and live that way. So I was very curious to see what would happen today. I think it was hard for me because it was cold. But yeah.. I don’t know can we just decide to trust and like live our lives that way and what happens if we do. and the last thing I’ll say is I’d like to pull out this statistic , “ men are far more likely to be attacked in public spaces than women. The reason that women are told to fear is because the way in which they might be attacked can be sexual but like if you’re walking around alone and you’re a dude then you are much more likely to have something physically happen to you and no one talks about that ever. I mean I think this statistic is something like  you’re five times as likely as a man  to be attacked as if you were a woman walking alone in public space so it’s something worth thinking about, yeah? We’re taught that sexual violence  is the most horrifying thing that can ever happen but violence in general is scary and can happen to anyone. So yeah.. I don’t know. What else do you want to talk about.

Meet To Sleep, Goa   
Location: Campal Children’s Park
Action Heroes: Chryselle D’Silva


Action Hero Chryselle : " I must admit the thought of not being in control in a public park petrifies me and it is precisely because of that that I'd like to do this." -

Meet To Sleep Jaipur
Location: Central Park
Action Heroes: Sukriti Suryavanshi, Meenal Jain, Supriya, Aarushi Kilawat, Parul Khanna, Satyashree Sethia, Palak Khandelwal



Meet To Sleep Pakistan - Islamabad
Location: F9 Park
Led by Action Hero Ally :  Girls at Dhabas!
Action Heroes: Zoya Rehman, Komal, Steph, Osmaan, Abdullah

MTS Isl 1.jpg

MTS Isl 2.jpg

Meet To Sleep Pakistan- Karachi
Led by Action Hero Ally :  Girls at Dhabas!
Action Heroes: Natasha Ansari, Sadia Khatri, Hadi Khatri,  Basil Andrews, Amna Chaudhry, Habiba, Mahnoor

MTS Khi 1.jpg

Action Heroes Karachi / Girls At Dhaba Report
Action Hero Amna:  I paid ten rupees to step into the park and squinted around looking for the rest. The man at the gate pointed towards the left 'aapki dostain udhar baithi hain'  (your friends are sat there) . We have already been identified as a group, an anomaly. But I nod and join the rest. We are four girls. Two of us are well prepared to 'sleep' and have brought sheets, neck pillows and things to read and munch on. We walk around looking for shade. The park is pretty enough but not very clean. Couples have occupied most of the more comfortable spots. They look at us while we walk around. The women are in abaayas but many have taken their shoes off and sit close to the men they're with. There are groups of men too; loitering about, on the phone or smoking. Nobody says anything as we settle down and get comfortable. It is too early for me to sleep and I'm too distracted to read either so I flip through a magazine and look around. A couple nearby has moved away. A man walks by and glances at the cigarette in my hand. Beyond that, it is almost serene. We munch on biscuits and talk a little but mostly we just lapse into our own thoughts. One of us even manages a short nap!

Meet To Sleep Pakistan- Lahore
Led by Action Hero Ally :  Girls at Dhabas!
Location: Bagh-E-Jinnah, Lawrence Garden
Action Heroes: Tahira Babar, Saadia Abbasi, Sanayah Malik, Mehbrano Raja, Abdul Mueed, Qanitah, Sumaira Inayat

MTS Lhr 1.jpg

Meet To Sleep , Jodhpur
Location: Umaid Udyan
Action Heroes: Barathi Nakkeeran, Sanjana Srikumar, Meghna Sengupta, Aditi Ameria, Divya Gupta, Pragati K.B.

MTS 4.jpg

MTS 2.jpg



Action Heroes Jodhpur Report :
Action Hero, Barathi Nakkeeran : Unfortunately I did not sleep too much on the meet, mostly because I had to keep guard (of?) my belongings. But for the brief time that I did nod off, it was quite empowering for lack of a milder word.  I think it is important that we distinguish spaces on the basis of private and public instead of subjecting it to gender disparity. #SpaceHasNoGender
Action Hero Meghna Sengupta: I honestly thought I would be far more uncomfortable with the idea of getting comfortable in a public park. But when it came don to it, it was surprisingly easy. Lying down to sleep or curling up with a book in a park seemed natural, once I got down to actually doing it. I did notice some glances but eventually I was lost in my own world. And I would definitely do it again, though probably not alone.

Action Hero Aditi Ameria : I immediately liked the concept of meet to sleep, there's something very charming about napping under the sun, surrounded by nature. We spread across the park to better take in the nature and doze off in peace. I am still unsure of whether this is something that I would do alone, when I know that my peers are not in the vicinity. Also, I was a little apprehensive about my wallet getting stolen but after I put it under my head, my worries dissipated, and I had the most relaxing afternoon nap! A  Very A- One experience I would say!

Action Hero Pragati K. B.: This was my second Meet to Sleep, the first one was in Bangalore. Unlike the previous time, I could actually go to sleep this time, albeit for 20 minutes. While I was lying down, I was oblivious to the curious stares I might be getting and was lost in trying to sleep and have a good experience. I'm certain, that a few more of these and I will be able to sleep for a couple of hours, because I see my fear dissipating already.

Meet To Sleep Vadodara
Location: Kamatibaug
Date:  20th February 2016
Action Heroes: Vaidehi Shah, Priyal Shah, Mahima Mehta, Vinitaa Bokadia, Cheshta Chavla, Bhusha Trivedi, Dr. Kanishka Aggarwal, Mallika Pathak, Ashini Katwala, Khushi Pandya 


Action Heroes Vadodra report
1. This was my first time, sleeping in a park. Initially, it was awkward but later on I got comfortable. Overall it was good and a different experience. 
2. When we were sleeping, another female slept next to us. It's probably because we tend to look for company or some similarity between us and others. 
3. Since it was our first time, the fear hasn't gone completely. Maybe after one or two Meet To Sleep events, the fear of sleeping alone will be gone. 
4. This was a very different experience. It was like there were stages of the experience. First there was over enthusiasm, when we heard of the project. Right before we started, there was nervousness. After we spread our bedsheets, there was a strange feeling of awkwardness slowly, comfort took over. Then came relaxation. Finally, when we got up,  there was rejuvenation. Definitely something I'll continue for the rest of my life.

Meet To Sleep, Bangalore

Created by Action Hero Viji Chari
in response to her experience with
Meet To Sleep

" This was the second Meet To Sleep event I attended. Both time with my little daughter. And this time was really different from the first - here's how: 

The first time I did it for myself and for my child. I couldn't sleep, I had a book and a sheet to feel safe. And i was very self conscious. The space was beautiful and I did end up dozing off in the winter sun but woke up to every sound. 

The second time I did it for a larger cause. And my way of participating was to challenge myself. So no book, no sheet. I stared at the longest time at the lovely canopy and then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. 

What really helped was Jasmeen's briefing at the start. Where the intent was communicated so well. And at the end, the sharing was longer and helped connect to the movement mot deeply. It was weird and yet so natural that a group of strangers felt a sense of safety in each others' presence. 

When my 11-year old daughter was hearing the adults share, she kept whispering back to me, "what is the big deal about sleeping in a park". While she may be too young to understand this, my hope is that with movements such as these, she would continue to ask this question even as an adult woman living in India.  "

Meet To Sleep : January 16th 2016

Meet To Sleep 


"I want to 'Meet To Sleep' because in three years, I've never been in a public space without being afraid for my safety. I want to reclaim this city and the places that are as much mine as they are anybody else's." - Action Hero Avani Tandon Vieira

"' Meet To Sleep' asks us to replace our fear with trust, and it's not an easy thing to do. It will be my first experiment with trust, and I'm excited to see how it goes."- Action Hero Kat Lieder 


" I must admit the thought of not being in control in a public park petrifies me and it is precisely because of that that I'd like to do this." - Action Hero Chryselle

Alone or with a group.
With your best friend
With a stranger
Sleep. Alone. Together.
Fight Fear. 
Through Trust.
In sleep we protest.

January 16th .  2 : 30 -  5: 30 pm!

Meet To Sleep - would you Meet To Sleep where you are?
Get in touch and we will be sure to match you with an Action Hero in your location.
Detailed guidelines and exact location will be emailed on confirmation.

Also joined by Girls At Dhabas, Pakistan and Action Heroes in Pune, Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi , Jaipur and Why Loiter Mumbai.

Occupy in sleep.
Email in

Exact location and event guidelines will be shared on confirmation.

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Brief report of Meet To Sleep ( November 2014- December 2015)

Total number = 11
Location: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi
Total Number of people: 55 Action Heroes

Meet to Sleep with Interim class in November 2014 (Bangalore)
Akash Nandi, Aayush Bhingare, Diya Pinto, Manpreet Singh, Radhika Sinha, Rajalakshmi Rajagopal, Rashi Sinha
Swati Khaitan

Meet to Sleep Bangalore (published on blog on 12th December 2014):
Lijya Periyal , Shilpa Gopal, Vira Mistry

Meet to Sleep with why loiter (Mumbai) January 2015:  
Sameera Khan , Shilpa Phadke, Shilpa Ranade

Meet To Sleep Mumbai (January 2015)
Meghna Bohidar, Rishita Nandagiri, Nilima, Shilpa Phadke, Aradhna , Shilpa's mum

Meet to Sleep Pune (January 2015)
Hrutika Patole, Naksha Erappa

Meet to Sleep Bangalore Jan 11th 2015:
Bhawana Udhani, Diya Pinto, Judith Druhe, Lijya Perayil, Malin Mendel Westberg, Maria Emilie Burger, Monica Nanjunda, Nia Chari, Shilpa Goyal, Viji Chari, Wolfram Thurm

Meet to Sleep Bangalore Feb 28 2015:
Bhawana Udhani, Lijya Perayil, Maria Emille Burger, Monica Nanjunda, Rishita Nandagiri, Satya Gummuluri, Shruti Chandrashekharan, Yamini Deen

Meet to Sleep Bangalore (April 2015)
Benjamin Stewart, Inti Maria, Kaustubh Srikanth, Vira Mistry

Meet to Sleep Jaipur (November 28th):
Aarushi Kilawat, Meenal Jain , Palak Khandelwal, Parul Khanna , Satyashree Sethia, Sukriti Suryavanshi, Supriya

Meet to Sleep Pune (November 28th):
Ameya Gutta, Sayali Patwardhan 

Meet to Sleep Bangalore (November 28th):
Anandi Sharan, Asfiya Farheen, Diya Pinto, Kiri Meili, Mahesha Hiremath, Pragati KB,, Seema Nair, Shailaja, Silvana Rigobon, Sufiya Jay, Tharunya Balan. Vira Mistry. Wolfram Thurm, Yasmeen Taj S

Meet To Sleep Pune

Action Heroes 
Ameya Gutta and Sayali Patwardhan 
Meet To Sleep
Lakaki Lake - Model Colony

" I was open and excited about doing meet to sleep. I didn't have any preconceived notions. I only images I had of it were the photos of other action heroes napping in Bangalore parks. I was eager to be able to actually nap. And of course I was eager to meet the other Action Hero, Ameya. I discovered that the park we went to was overall safe and friendly; and after seeing this I began wondering whether we should have gone instead to a lesser friendly, more unsafe park; but then I told myself: hey! this is the first time we are doing this, and there are so many things we learn along the way. So its fine. From this experience, we will know what to do differently next time and how!

Regarding sleeping itself, I had no problems with it at all, except for one technical problem: the place where I was lying down was a bench, and because it was narrow, there wasn't enough space to lay my hands on either side of me; so the sleeping position was not very comfortable. Now that I think back on this, I wonder why I did not change the spot! That is the obvious question that comes to mind! However, at that point in time, I just did not think of this possibility! I decided that I would stay put right there where I was... " - Sayali Patwardhan

"This was my first 'Meet to Sleep' event . We had a fruitful discussion on our relationship with public space and cities . It was a preparatory experience for the next 'Meet to Sleep' event." - Ameya Gutta

photography: Ameya Gutta

Meet To Sleep - Bangalore

November 28th, 2015  ( 2 - 5 pm) 
Cubbon Park

Action Heroes include 
Seema Nair, Diya Pinto, Wolfram Thurm, Mahesha Hiremath, Shailaja, Pragati KB,  
Kiri Meili, Anandi Sharan, Silvana Rigobon, Vira Mistry, Tharunya Balan, Sufiya Jay,
 Asfiya Farheen, Yasmeen Taj S, Jasmeen Patheja 

"This was the first time I lay down and slept in a park. I didn’t really have any expectations going into it but the moment put my head on the ground and looked up I was filled with awe at just how amazing the view was. It’s the first time I’ve felt immersed in nature in this city. Having my vision filled by only the green and sky allowed my mind to empty and my body to relax completely. 

Having others lying down and sleeping near by meant I could just be without worrying about my stuff or feeling uncomfortable or exposed. I will definitely be doing this again, with friends and with Blank Noise. Over time I hope to feel comfortable enough to do it alone. Reclaiming our space might not always take a big fight or struggle, small simple acts like these can open us up and open up our world in ways we might never have imagined." - Kiri Meili

"Public spaces are so important to our society - to gather, to meet friends, to picnic with family...and with our expanding cities, where we are literarily building and living on top of each other, a park is a perfect break from all the chaos and noise. As a woman, I want to be there. As a woman I want to feel safe there. It is my right as a citizen of this city. 

Sleeping in the park, facing my fears and dropping my guard for those few hours, was a way of taking that space back from my past bad experiences, and the stories that make me not trust my city and the people who live in it. "-  Diya Pinto

"It was a very powerful experience, for me. I chose a spot under a huge tree, and I could feel the support of its roots below, and of the branches above. It was literally like falling asleep in the arms of Mother Earth..
I hope this initiative that was born in India will spread in other countries. I will invite my friends in other European cities to do the same, next time, so we can connect from many other places, and give our support to this valuable cause.. "- Silvana Rigobon, Movement Medicine teacher  and menstruality educator, Italy

Every Meet to Sleep I've done has been unique in itself. It has been a process to get comfortable sleeping in a public place. At the first Meet to Sleep I was unable to sleep at all and would open my eyes at every sound i heard, However the third one I was finally able to take a nap. This one was very special for me as two of the park dogs also came and napped on my blanket with me. " - Vira Mistry

" I love sleeping in parks because it is a welcome disruption to the monotonous way in the way I relate to the city. I have usually slept in parks with my husband or my dog enjoying a siesta after a heavy lunch, or reading a book in the warm sunshine. To be around bees, flowers, trees and lie on the grass looking into the sky is such a beautiful experience, despite all the stares and ogling from people around. May be they will get used to the idea of a woman sleeping or enjoying the park, if many more of us came out and claimed the space as their own."  - Seema Nair

"I haven't ever lay down in a park or a public place before this. As I lay down and looked up, the dense foliage and its beautiful pattern against the sky caught my eye. Though I could not fall asleep, it was an experience I'll take back. But beyond this, my apprehensions still stay- I will still think twice before sprawling in a park alone. I could lie down and try to sleep only because this was still a protected environment." - Pragati KB

"The view of the tall tree under which we slept was beautiful. It was a peaceful atmosphere away from home. Despite that I could not sleep though. Got bored towards the end. And hence felt that the duration could have been shorter."  - Shailja GP 

"It is a shame that people can not use public spaces. Thats what they meant for. Public paces that should comfort society instead of scaring it. This has to change. But we can not wait for rules and their enforcement. These spaces are ours and we have to reclaim them. Not through limitations, but through presence of society itself. How beautiful it is, to use the comfort of a nap as a step in that direction..." - Wolfram Thurm

photo: Jasmeen Patheja

Meet To Sleep. November 28

An ActionHero was raped in Bangalore's Cubbon Park this November. 
The home minister responded and hence we Report To Remember " 

We will Meet To Sleep for our will to be fearless.
We will Meet To Sleep for our right to be unwarned.
We will Meet To Sleep to build new memory with our very own public parks.

Bring along a mat, a cushion if you like, a blanket , water, snack.
Bring along a potential new Action Hero if you like.
It's on this Saturday, November 28th at 2 pm.
Location will be shared on confirmation only.
phone: 9886840612 ( 9 30 am - 5 30 pm )

There is no excuse for sexual violence. I Never Ask For It. 

This action will be simultaneously built in Pune, Bombay , Jaipur, Bangalore and in your city/ town/place if you sign up to organise.

Yours truly,
Blank Noise Team

Meet To Sleep. Feb 28. Bangalore

Action Hero Lijya

Action Heroes Bhawana Udhani , Satya Gummuluri , Shruti Chandrashekharan, Yamini Deen
Monica Nanjunda, Maria Emille Burger, Lijya Perayil, Rishita Nandagiri

Action Hero Evetta Cardosa with her friends

Satya Gummuluri

"i sleep when i feel like it.
i sleep where i like. i'm just a person who's sleepy, So i sleep. i make myself comfortable - i ignore the unwanted, i let the breeze whisper. i sleep. So what."
"Meet to Sleep was a wake up call - having spent years abroad in places where one moves about with hardly any social scrutiny, I had forgotten what it means to have people question one for something as insignificant as sleeping outdoors while being female. Repressed memories from a time long ago bubbled back up.

Monica Nanjunda:

I slept well in a public park for the first time in my life, when I joined in with the Blank Noise 'Meet To Sleep'. I felt safe only because there were plenty of other people from the group around, who where also sleeping nearby. I wouldn't have the courage to do it alone

It made me so aware of how I am actually not at all comfortable to doze off in any public space. Like for example, public transports. In a bus or a taxi or an auto. I am always scared to go into deep sleep. The realisation makes me angry/frustrated and every once in while, I need this anger to be addressed through activities like meet to sleep. So that I constantly remember this unfairness and not unconsciously accept the way things are.

Lijya Perayil:
I still remember the first time that I tried to put myself to sleep in a park at the first Meet to Sleep event. I consciously spoke to my head and mind to relax, trust the environment and be at peace. I reminded myself of all the strangers in my life who've been good to me or whom I've had good experiences with. It brought a smile to my face and helped me loosen my otherwise ever present guard for the outside. I think I'm getting more and more comfortable indulging in the activity now. Am normalising the act of sleeping in a park in my own head. It's a liberating feeling to be able to do it--Actually sleep in a park. The nap was refreshing and makes me want to do it more often. The feeling after having slept in the park is just incredible .. sort of makes me wonder why I didn't do it before and makes me a little sad of what I've been missing out on for so long!

Shruti Chandrasekaran:
Meeting to sleep reinforced for me the bliss of being oblivious in using public spaces. Being in a group helped me let my guard down and enjoy that beautiful afternoon without worrying about the integrity of my personal space, and the absence of that fear helped me see how it's up to me to place my trust in the environment and use it without constraint- most of my apprehensions stemmed from being brought up thinking being very cautious will help prevent some supposedly inevitable injury. I have subsequently napped by myself in the park and it was great!

Calling Action Heroes To Report To Duty : Feb 28

Meet To Sleep 
February 22nd, Sunday
2 pm- 4 pm
Your city/ town/ neighbourhood park

To nap like an Action Hero
write to us at, subject line " Meet To Sleep + Your city/ town name" 
Share the event on facebook

In solidarity,
Blank Noise Team

Action Hero Co ordinators + Participants Listed Below :

Bangalore with Jasmeen Patheja , Nia, Viji , Shruthi Chandrashekharan, 
Bombay with Ridhimma Sharma and students SNDT university , Satya, 
Philadelphia with Sascha Huges Caley and students at U Penn
Pune with Naksha Errappa

Meet To Sleep - Bangalore

Meet To Sleep, Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Meet To Sleep, Cubbon Park , Bangalore

Meet To Sleep, Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Meet To Sleep, Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Meet To Sleep, Cubbon Park, Bangalore 
Meet To Sleep, Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Action Heroes include:
Shilpa Goyal
Lijya Perayil
Bhawana Udhani
Viji Chari
Nia Chari
Diya Pinto
Wolfram Thurm
Judith Druhe
Monica Nanjunda
Maria Emilie Burger
Jasmeen Patheja 

Meet To Sleep- Co Organised With Why Loiter in Mumbai

Image source: Why Loiter
Photo credit : Meghna Bohidar

Meet- To -Sleep
Diamond Garden, Chembur, Mumbai

Action Heroes/ Sleep Loiterers - Meet To Sleep at Diamond Garden, Chembur

Image via Meghna Bohidar
             " An argument about why we shouldn't
sleep. one of that we were asked was if we
didn't have any space to sleep at home!

Diamond Garden, Chembur

Why Loiter led by Sameera Khan, Shilpa Phadke, Shilpa Ranade.

Call For Action : Sleep on January 11th at 11 am

Hello Action Heroes across cities, towns, countries and regions!

Happy New Year! Hope it's Action Hero-ism packed where ever you are.
We are going to be making most of this mailing list, reaching out to you, inviting call for events and participation. 

We're starting 2015 with a call for action!
Take a Nap. 
Treat this as urgent.
We will meet to sleep. 

In asking for safe cities and spaces
We need to step back and imagine.
Collective imagining leads to collective action.
Because collective action is powerful in building collective memory.
Because building new memory builds new association.
Because we fight fear, we're taught to carry. 

In saying I Never Ask For It.
Here's what we're also asking for.

* Fun guaranteed.

Location: Will be shared when you confirm
Date: January 11
Start Time: 11 am
End Time: 2 pm
City: Bangalore + write in if you would like to organise from where you live.

Bring along:
mat ( important) 
blanket (optional)
pillow / cushion (optional)
a friend/ relative/ a potential Action Hero.

Link to past naps in a Bangalore Park 1,  2, 3 

In solidarity with #WhyLoiter Team

Please email us to confirm you're going to be there. 

In solidarity,
Blank Noise Team 

* Call text 098868-40612 to confirm. Timings- 9 30 am until only. 

Sleep :

We're in the midst of an interim semester with students of Srishti School of Art Design and Technology. New Action Heroes include Diya Pinto, Akash, Manpreet,  Ayush, Swati Khaitan, Rashi, Radhika and Rajalakshmi.

Location: Cubbon Park
Assignment  : Take a nap

Diya Pinto : I have slept out in the open before, and am actually pretty comfortable sleeping out in the open, but as a woman in India, I would never dream about taking a nap in a public park. It is sad, but my memories of Cubbon park have all got to do with some sort of sexual harassment; like the time my friend and I thought we would go to Cubbon Park and meditate but opened our eyes to a group of men who had surrounded us. Or the time I went cycling to Cubbon Park and there was a man jerking off behind a tree, or when we went tree climbing and men decided to sit right beneath our tree, even though there were about a thousand other options. 
The main reason, in all honesty, I fell asleep, was because I trusted the group. I knew someone had their eyes open and would stop anything happening. Knowing that helped me let go and I was asleep in about seven minutes. It was a very restless sleep. the kind an afternoon nap gives me, full of dreams…but upon awakening, it was weirdly empowering to know that I had slept in Cubbon Park, free of men surrounding me when I opened my eyes. 

Rajalakshmi: The idea of falling asleep in a public space with people around and maybe staring at you and walking by, though scary, turned out to be quite relaxing. 

Akash Nandi: Slowly my body went to sleep but not my mind. For some reason I was asleep yet
wide awake and was aware of what was happening. In such a liberal space, I came about my own 
solitude. It was different in a way that all my thoughts passed without judgment, which rarely happens.

Rashi: I sat on my mat. I saw my fellow mates lie down and then I did too. For the first few minutes, I 
looked around to see if they were all comfortable. And then I looked up at the sky, which was on the 
other side of the canopy made by the trees that had grown so tall. I loved looking at the patterns 
they made, the way the leaves swayed. Some leaves fell and it felt like a movie shot. I was slowing 
drifting into my zone and I was relaxed. I closed my eyes and let the play of colours begin. That is 
one thing I relate to my childhood, where I would just sit in the sun with my eyes closed and watch 
one colour turn into another. I don’t remember how and when did I fall asleep. However, I’m sure I 
wasn’t thinking about anything. I was in a happy place. All of this while lying straight, with my face 
looking up and my body relaxed.  I think the initial comfort was because of my friends also 
performing the same activity. If I were alone in the park, I would have not done this. I might not have 
even spent so much time alone in the park. I was comfortable doing this as a part of a group. So 
comfortable that I was able to isolate my presence and feel the space around me as my own.

It was a good experience.

Manpreet:I think i failed at the sleeping exercise. Even though I tried my level best i couldnt fall asleep primarily because i need absolute darkness to fall asleep.However i did manage to relax quite a bit. And i remember that there was a point of time when i reached close to almost drifting away to sleep, but a constant distant scream for help brought me to consciousness. After that i just couldn't sleep...