Potru Anbu...


"Potru Anbu"... You might remember this dialogue during the encounter scene in the movie Kaakha Kaakha.


Thats exactly what I was thinking when Surya points his gun at the eve teaser and scares the living day lights out of him - "Potru Anbu".


While Tamil and Indian movies exaggerate a lot, the eve teasing scenes are very real or even very mellow when compared to what happens in real life. That is how bad the situation on the streets for our women.


It is so wide spread and common, that things like eve teasing are considered normal or even worse, heroic. This got to change and it got to change real fast. The message should be loud and clear - eve teasing is not acceptable in any shape or form.


Its good that we have started a dialogue with this blanknoise blogathon. We now have to see what steps that need to be taken by the people participating in the dialogue to prevent eve teasing from happening.


My suggestion - Eve teasing is a monster and it should be tackled by something bigger than that. We can't place police every where to prevent this. So what is the solution.


Not long ago there were huge agitations by the so called saviors of Thamizh against everything from naming the movies in English to interfering in the freedom of speech. Those are the people we should be using in our fight against the evil of eve teasing.


The blogathon organisers should seek an appointment with the politicians in their respective states and should insist the importance of getting rid of this menace. With constant prodding the politicans will budge because it will boost their image among women. Then their muscle power should be used against the Romeos that mess with our women. When we get the politicans the media circus will then follow.


I can easily imagine Dr.Ramadoss and his activists going against these people everywhere from bus stops to movie halls. From them, the public will pick it up and soon we can send a sound message to eve teasers that it is not good to disrespect women.


Imagine the valentines day crashing Shiv Sainiks going after the eve teasers, boy that would be a scene to behold. Instead of working against the big and relatively bad politicians we should work with them and use their organized cadre to eradicate the evil. We should get into the system and fight from with in and not stand from outside and stop just making some internet noise.


- Action Hero Hellboy