This happened a few months ago...
I was coming back home from school with my younger sister. I am in class 12th while my younger sister is in class 10th,
We live in a college campus and unlike most places in India.... it is pretty safe with security guards every 100 metres at points around the campus.
The bus stop dropped us at the gate and we both had to walk half a kilometre to our house. It was 2.30 in the afternoon and our lane was completely deserted. As me and my sister approached our house we saw a young well built man sitting on a bike in front of a house in our lane. Seeing us he started coming towards us from the opposite direction.
When he reached us he asked us the way to a wierd address. While my sister had crossed the length of the bike- it had stopped directly beside me and i could see the man very clearly.
He was holding the bike in his right hand, ie.. the hand nearer to me and as i looked on... i saw to my horror that in his left hand he was holding his penis.

Time: 2 30 pm
Age at the time of experience: 17 years
Current Age: 17 years
She felt -shock, nausea, horror , disbelief, confusion
city- Kanpur

It actually took me a minute to realise that it was his penis... my first instnct was to, it must be some wierd rubber thing......
But he was with his left hand rubbing it up and down and it clicked me after two minutes that this guy was masturbating in front of us.

My sister who was in front had not been able to see this... and thinking this guy was genuinely asking us a address she started out to explain him that such a address did not exist in our locality and that he was mistaken.

The guy doing what he as repeated the address again and kept saying some insignificant things.... As the blood rushed back to my head i told him "yahaan pe aisa koi ghar nahin hain aur apni bakvaas kahiin aur karna"
I took my sisters hand and started walking only to see something spurt from his penis onto the road.
Sickened and nauseated... i walked fast with my sister towards our
I looked behind after we had walked a safe distance to see he had started his bike and gone off.

Since my sister hadn't seen it.. she couldn't understand why i had spoken like that and kept asking me what hapenned. I couldn't say anything.. i was so shocked.
while i had been joking and teasing on our way back from the busstop hardly a word escaped from my mouth after this hapenned.
She couldn't understand why i was suddenly so quiet and i couldn't bring myself to tell her what really happenned...

after all who would believe this?
Though it had in no way harmed me.. i kept feeling wierd, shocked, sickened the whole day... till this day whenever i remember the instance i feel sick...
i can't understand what someone would get from something like that.
Though now i realise that i should have taken his bike number... i was simply numb at the moment and wanted to get my sister and mysef away from the crazy lunatic.

Posted 8th June 2008