Bus from kerala to karnataka. I need to get to my seat. The man standing in front of me wont move and let me get to my seat. I say" excuse me? "/ " solpa side please?!"/
He gives me the blank look after which I direct my hands in a manner that indicates he must move a little away from me so that I can reach my seat. After all, the last thing I need to do is get my body brushed against a stranger's- especially when there is no dirth of space.
He succumbs but hisses a " zzzxsssk!" staring my anatomy into little pieces.
In less than 3 minutes I realize that he has the seat in front of me. The seats recline, the hands recline even further.
All between him and me is the needle.
also posted on the Blank Noise Blog in 2007.
age: 27
location: Kerala





Posted 20th May 2008