A fable against Street Harasment

A modern Indian Fable that shows how street harrasment is handled and percieved.

In the town of Alpadrishti, there lived a man named Aparajita.This man was neither rich nor poor but somewhere in between.As wealthy as one needs to be, for oneself and for one's loved ones.Once he wanted to attend a wedding in the neighbouring town.So he spent his hard-earned money and acquired a nice silk shirt, a new dhoti, a silk turban, jewelry so that he could look presentable.As he was making his trips to the local merchants, he noticed a few men watching him.He ignored them and continued walking.

These men were a band of thieves united under their leader Chapalachitta.They were watching Aparajita's movements and Chapalachitta was tempted by his newly-acquired luxuries.They plotted and planned to plunder him.One night in the wee hours when no creatures but the nocturnals stirred they slowly entered Aparajita's home.He and his family were fast asleep.Chapalachitta and his gang looted the house.As they were making their exit,Aparajita woke up and screamed and the thieves were caught red-handed.

As was the custom in the town,they were taken to the Panchayat which was headed by Mitamati, the village chieftain.Mitamati asked chapalachitta to explain and he said , "Well I saw Aparajita buying a lot of stuff in the marketplace and it tempted me.It was all his fault.He should not have bought all this at once."

Aparajita, was too shocked to explain his stance and was silent.

Mitamati, thought for a while and looked at Chapalachitta and said,
"Well! Chapalachitta you are right.How dare he tempt you!

He then looked at Aparajita and said,

"Shame on you Aparajita! You are guilty of materialism and acquiring too many things at once.If you had planned your purchases and behaved in moderation you would not have attracted his attention.Perhaps you wanted that, being brought before the panchayat and be the center of attention.You probably even enjoyed being robbed. Aparajita! It is all your fault.The belongings are rightfully Chapalachitta's.

Thus to this day several Aparajita's are wronged and the actions of perpetrators justified.Their silence only works against them. So Support BLANK NOISE PROJECT

Notes: (for the non-sanskritists)

Alpadrishti - shortsightedness .

Aparajita - The unconquered.Represents all women who were subject to various forms of street harassment

Chapalachitta - One whose mind gets tempted.The roadside romeo who thinks he can bullt every passing woman

Mitamati - Narrowminded.

Action Hero Guptavati