I was walking down MG Road when thirty somethin years old men passed by me. One of them took this as an opportunity to feel my left tigh. On the moment I could only think "I can't believe it's happening again", almost ready to let it be since it was one among so many times. But a few seconds later, I thought it'd be better to tell this man something about it. So I turned around, walked up to him and said "excuse me!!", until he turned back and faced me. Then I told him something like this "I can't believe what you just did! You touched my tigh!". As I was talking loud and sounding very firm, a few people gathered around us. The man pretended he could not understand English but only Hindi... How convenient for him to pretend not to understand a single word I was saying. I only added that he should be ashamed of acting like this with women and left. As I turned around going back to where I was initially heading, I could here one man who had come to see what was happening telling him calmly that he should not do this kind of thing. The incident was closed. I was a bit angry and so used to peoples' bad faith or ways of denying that I was just satisfied that for once somebody I didn't even know supported me. At least I said something and made my voice heard to someone.

Location: MG ROAD. Bangalore
Time: around 11 am
Age at the time of the incident: 23
Current age: 24
Marjorie felt anger and satisfaction

Posted 23rd June 2008