Action Hero 7

Location: Nagenhalli, Yelahanka, Bangalore, India.

I need the company of other woman, which I trust, to feel comfortable that enables me to go for the walk alone. At least in some distance, to know in case something bad would happen I wouldn't be alone. Normally I don't look in people's eyes, I feel as if I have to shut myself in order to stay safe. But what I want to face is my fear to keep on being silent about sexual harassment towards me. I want to wear my head up high, not afraid of meeting eyes, and if anything would happen – to scream.

I felt apprehension, strength, trust before the walk . I walked in a group of three.

We walked an empty road to the village, crossing railway tracks. I see only a few men here and there. If I would be alone, I would be in a totally attentive all over state. No streetlight anymore. At the edge to nature, sometimes more afraid of an animal to appear or darkness itself. I feel nothing will happen, but alone – I wouldn't be here.Silence.Listening. Eyes wide open. After the walk I felt clarity, trust, empowerment