Action Hero Gayathri Rajathiratnam

Location: Bangalore

I have never walked alone in India at 11:30pm, ever. That statement by itself sounds quite weird, since I tend to prefer walking and don't usually shy from it (during the daytime, at least). It’s not that I don’t go out at night; I do but it's always in the safety of my car or with friends and family who can “protect” me. So, this #walkalone was a first for me. At first, I admit that I had to force myself to not keep looking back every few steps or jump at every extra loud sound but by the end of the walk, it felt like freedom and victory. I felt encouraged and like solitary walks maybe one of the best way to connect with myself. Through this walk I learned to better trust my instincts, take courage to keep going and most importantly, put a little more faith in the goodness of humanity, I suppose.