Blank Noise Action Hero Anon

I was traveling in crowded Bus. I was boarded the bus from the Back door and as the conductor's instruction I was slowly moving towards the frond of the bus where the ladies sit and stand........... and this is normal condition of any bus in peak hours of traffic. I have seen one women aged approx. 30 wearing her sari standing and holding her hand with a rod on top of the bus. One middle aged man approx. 40 standing near to her putting his hand in her hip purposely by taking advantage of the bus turning left and right while moving. The lady could not help and she was reflecting her inconvenience thru' her eyes and she saw me for helping out from the situation. It is very much visible that this man doing purposely and I immediately acted by not shouting at him but further moved towards the Bus Driver and informed him about the incident and requested to him to stop the bus. The Good mannered Driver immediately stopped the bus and helped me by sending this man out of the Bus. The man was stepped out of the bus with shouting heavily. Had I been shouted at him the whole purpose would have been wasted and he may take revenge not only with me but also with the lady. This is the way I acted.

Location: Bangalore
Time: 10 am
emotion: insult.

Posted 7th April 2008