It was a regular day in college during the mid-march of 2008. After the familiar boredom settled down I was more than happy to let my hair down and sit under the sun at the canteen. After the daily dose of chit-chat I was off to my P.G. I live at a secure residential area with all the facilities at a stone’s throw, or so, I thought. Well, as an outstation student I always have to be on my toes. I HAVE to look after myself. That day, I had some work on the net and rushed to the café near my place. I was busy with my work when I noticed two guys sitting next to me constantly staring at me and whispering to each other. I chose to ignore the unwanted attention and resumed work. After I was through, I walked out of the café and felt genuinely free from the major suffocation I was suffering from because of those guys. But to my horror I found them following me. I was at once at vigil. That wasn’t a time to break down. I knew I had to think fast. I have no parents, siblings, cousins, guardians or even distant relatives in Delhi. I knew I had to handle it all alone.

I entered a shop using the pretext of buying some soft drink but that hardly did the job. They stood outside the stationery awaiting me. I could see my PG, my room, my balcony from there but I couldn’t, even in my wildest dreams, let them know that I lived there. What if they started stalking me everyday?! Then I tried two person’s numbers. One was a class-mate and the other, a senior. As luck would have it, my friend was out with his phone left in his room. My senior was at the North Campus at that time and proposed that I should join her immediately. I hurriedly hired a rickshaw. I assumed it would be the end of an undesired adventure but that actually was the beginning. Those guys literally ran after the rickshaw which carried me and covered the entire distance thus and that too in full public view. I stopped and entered the college my senior had asked me to and went up to her. She took me to the canteen and we sat there for some peace. Meanwhile those goons waited at the gate. That’s when I realized the anger within me. Why was I wasting my time and energy for those thugs?? How did they dare to stalk me? Did they think they could persuade me? I am no prey!!! Trust me; I did not encourage them in the smallest way possible. Finally I concluded that enough was enough. I had to face it. Moreover I was at North Campus and had a company. Now I was comfortable. We came out of hiding and suddenly I saw my friend (whose number I was trying) passing by. Those boys were still there. I stopped my friend and explained the gravity of the
situation. My friend approached those guys and enquired what they wanted. Before they could reply there was a sudden outburst of emotions from me. I chided them to my heart’s content and called them morons!! In reply they only flashed a smile. I wonder what that meant. They took my friend aside and blurted “yeh dil ka mamla hain, pyar aise hi hota hain” (“it’s a matter of the heart; love just happens this way”). We finally handled the situation with dignity and send them off.

Today in retrospect, I laugh it off whenever I am reminded of the incident. It was really funny to see them literally running after a rickshaw!!! But at the same time I know, I can take it so casually today because I could solve the problem then. I warned them and refused to be nervous and collapse. That was a huge victory for me. Or else I would have remained in a state of shock for long. I did not want to be defeated. I knew those guys were human beings like I was. Agreed, they were two whereas I had no company but I saw to it that that did not make them feel that they were superior to me.

Location:North Campus, Delhi
Current Age: 19
Age at the time of experience: 19
She felt angry, in control, victorious, offended

I felt angry, in control, victorious, offended.

Posted 29th June 2008