Blank Noise Action Hero via Kazakabin

It actually happened 2 my fren, who"s working as a radio jockey, she was watchin a movie wit her fren wen a drunk man came and sat next 2 her n started disturbung her by passing vulgar comments n my fren aked him 2 stop it n instead of stopping he continued 2 disturb her.. n my fren suddenly send a message 2 the so called police emergency cell askin 4 help, she expected that thus would work as it was belirvrd 2 be efficient un their service... bit nothing worked n no assistance came in for her from the police...then my frenshoted at him n he changed seats as he was afraid wen ma fren told her that she'd informed the police.. but afetr d movie that man again followed my frens 2 d nearby park,n said he wants 2 be her fren and asked 4 her contact no n wen she asked him 2 get lost he started threatening her,my fren being a bold gal shouted at him n told he"l report it directly 2 the police commissioner n she began 2 cal her frens from office n den dat man left off threatening her dat he"l teach her a lesson

time: 3.30-5.30 pm
felt anger
location: theatre n park
age of the narrator : 21

Posted 27th September 2008 by J