Intern OR Volunteer :

All of Blank Noise has been built on the collective and individual efforts of its Action Heroes , interns and or volunteers Each person or Action Hero, volunteer or intern,  has been instrumental in building the community, by bringing in their lived experienceintention , skills, to make change, and take agency in ending violence against women and girls.

Action Hero Interns , and Action Hero volunteers , step in to build the movement. Blank Noise takes it many shapes and forms, through the skill sets that its volunteers and interns bring. Each person is a unique resource, a change maker, leader, and an Action Hero. 


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The volunteering programme asks you to bring your 'Action Hero' self to the collective. Eradicating sexual and gender based violence, violence against women, calls for taking collective responsibility.  We invite you to step into your Action Hero potential to make change.  Sign up to be an Action Hero Volunteer (2018).

Blank Noise Internship is for a total duration of four months.  ( 3 months at Bangalore office and 1 month independent)  OR a 1 month internship.  Internship focus: Project " I Never Ask For It " . Internship cycle begins April 2018. 

 Updated in March, 2018.

Updated in March, 2018.