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An Action Shero Hero or Theyro

i) Orientation

ii) Labour

iii) Output

A Blank Noise Volunteer position is a 3 month commitment, which can be renewed.

All Action Hero Volunteers must attend weekly Work Jams every Saturday, in addition to other days they may choose to volunteer on. The Program begins with an Action Hero Orientation, a short but intensive introduction to the Blank Noise community and projects. Action Heroes are invited to share their motivations, expectations and capabilities for the 3 month volunteer process and take a deep dive into projects and roles as per the need of the hour. 

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Action Hero Intern Aditi Mazumdar

As a young individual, becoming an Action Hero is a stepping stone in my attempt to bring about a change. In a fight against Patriarchy, it serves as an agency that provides me with an opportunity to ask the most uncomfortable questions, to foster dialogue that could help shift perspectives and ultimately contest the very beliefs and discourses that have set the ground for sexual violence for all these years. From simply talking about a need for change, joining this community enabled and empowered me to act
upon it.

I am currently contributing to the project, Campus Climate: Towards Building a Feminist Campus. As a part of the project, I have been looking at Campus Uprisings, trying to document and map student-led protests in India in response to rape culture and patriarchy on campus in the past decade. It is an attempt or rather a committal to pull this issue out of its shadows to not only discuss it as a major problem that needs to be combatted but also in place of building a larger goal of imagining and envisioning what a safe campus would look like.

- Aditi is an alumnus of Christ University, Bangalore, graduating batch of 2018. She is interested in pursuing Museology and Cultural Heritage Studies in the future.


‘You are an Action Shero/Theyro/Hero not by the magnitude of what you do, but by the small steps you take to change the status quo.' 

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