Action Hero Maria Del Rio

Location: El Tesoro neighborhood, Medellin, Colombia

I chose a place close to home . It is my usual running circuit.

I was scared at first. I was anxious. It was dark. I had many questions.  

Usually at 9pm I'm home or out with people, but never alone running the streets.

I chose my usual running circuit, so I was familiar with the place. It's dark  sidewalks are broken, so after the first 10 seconds, my biggest fear was falling and injuring my ankle. I crossed paths with 5 guys that were also running and a guy that was walking a dog. I also saw two couples (man and woman) walking. At the end of my Walk Alone , I felt empowered, happy, tired-energetic. Running activates me, so it took me a while to be able to sleep. I got home, lay in bed, thinking of 2016's accomplishments

* Action Hero Maria walked / ran alone for 34 min, 51 sec - 5.46km