Sayali Patwardhan

Location: Patrakaarnagar, Pune

First of all, I am very sorry that I am writing back so late. I am not usually so tardy; however, this time it has taken me a long time to get down to doing this. I had planned to do this soon after the walk, while everything was still fresh in the mind...but alas, that did not take place. I was looking for an opportunity of quiet and peace, when I could be by myself and do this peacefully and fully.

I really enjoyed reading about your experiences, Lijya and Shrishtee - thank you so much for sharing!

Here's mine:

Since I have a little one, and its been my husband and me that we take care of her - I was almost certain that I would participate in the walk for an hour or an hour and a half. However, after we began our event and started walking, time flew past; I was enjoying myself and was taking in the new experience, and didn't feel like leaving half way and going I decided to stay...and I let my hubby know that I would return later.

The time of the night when we walked was not that late - people were carrying out their mundane, day to day things; and we were on a mission; at least that is how I felt it - I was out to experience and explore something new, completely novel, without any preconceived notions or expectations. This was in complete contrast to the busy life that was taking place all around us...that was a bit funny - in the sense that, I think because there was so much regular/routine stuff going on all over, we didn't get a real/fair chance to experience perhaps what we may have during quieter/later/wee hours. Do you agree with me?

Needless to say, doing the walk during later hours would be an altogether different experience!, including the fact that we would perhaps be a lot less comfortable, ready, willing, to participate. What do you all think?

Opposed to Lijya's placement in our ant-line walk, I was at the other end. I was the last one in the line. I was constantly trying to maintain a reasonably large distance between Kahini (second last in the line) and me. I was slowing down my pace (since usually walk quite briskly, that is my natural pace), starting later; trying out such stuff. At times this became a bit challenging. I had to remind myself of the distance - I thought that to an outsider we should not look like a group, so we had to be far apart and yet be able to see the person next in line...this is my interpretation.

On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I liked the bonding. I would definitely like to do more and more such things with you all in the coming days...

I also think that if everyone likes, we could also meet up now and then for talking, just hanging out, discussing things, and doing that which are not explicitly BN themes related. I think it would be nice to create and be a part of such a community. How do you all feel?