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hindi- 'who is an action hero?'

The Action Hero Game is built on a series of personal challenges in the city. 
The game is simple. Your game partner and opponent is you.
There is no one method or quick solution to be an Action Hero
Each potential Action Hero goes to a new area in his / her city. On arriving there potential Action Heroes receive 'challenges' via phone messages 
Action Heroes across locations receive a set of 6 tasks over 4 hours via sms
If you don't wish to do a task (eg task 1a) text us and we will send you another task (eg task 1B) 
Are you an Action Hero
Find out! Play this game!
The same rules apply to all participants.

no. of tasks = 6

duration = 4 hours
time = 11 am- 3 pm IST
date = 5/ 10/ 2013 
day= saturday
no. of players = infinite. 
multiple action hero players across cities, towns, countries.


start point:  chose your location on the city map. be sure to chose a place NEW to you as your start point.
end point:  top secret. cannot be disclosed. play the game. find out!

Action Hero Game Guideline:
Be willing to be vulnerable
Be willing to challenge yourself
Be willing to explore new and unfamiliar
Be willing to define your own limit
Be willing to take risks. Be willing to define your comfort level

Action Hero Game Instructions: 
the location start point should be unfamiliar to you
go to the starting point alone
play the game alone
take public transport to reach the start point
please use your phone only to receive text messages from us. text messages will be sent every couple of mins to an hour.
please do not fold your arms at any point.
please do not wear your sunglasses
please do not plug in your ear
please do not get into a conversation with a friend ,incase you meet one on the street while you are playing this game.
please do not take photographs unless asked in the game
please do not introduce yourself as someone participating in a project - 
try and think of other ways of introducing yourself, if required.
create twitter account and or send us your mobile number
follow @actionherocity to receive game instructions.
it's a closed account and only those playing the game can follow that space.
it will send tweet instructions to your phone

Action Hero Game Faqs here.

for any thoughts and questions do email us at

Action Hero Team on board includes
Shivangini Tandon, Abhishek Chaudhury, Yamini Deen, Maria Del Rio , Ameya Gutta , Jasmeen Patheja 

Everything I Want To Say To You :

This January Action Heroes were asked to say everything they wanted to say to the person who had violated them.

This is not a report.

It is rage.

The words expressed in "everything I want to say to my harasser" are solely those of the Action Heroes who have spoken out. We thank you, the Action Hero for the release.We don't encourage or propose a way of dealing with experiences, but we do attempt to create a space for action heroes to say NoI Never Ask For It. To know I wasn't alone in my experience, in feeling violated, angry, outraged.

Thank you,
BN Team

Email from Anon-

Hi Blank Noise,
Have you addressed the issue of unsolicited mobile phone and internet harassment? It's quite a rampant form of harassment, the cons of advancements in technology. Just three weeks ago my friend had an unpleasant encounter with such a prankster. I have been at the receiving end too, for the past two weeks now I have had someone following me on Facebook, my email & my cell phone, info that I am generally careful about giving out. All my personal info is set to be private to be shared with people who I add as friends alone.
The options to counteract such incidents seem limited and ineffective.
An FIR against this offender with his mobile phone number as his only
info guarantees no action against him. The most the police will do is
maybe call & warn him, which is futile. It actually happened to this
friend of mine three weeks ago. This stalker has gathered a lot of
details on me, I have no assurances for my safety if this person also
happens to know where I live.

I thought you may have some suggestions/ideas on how to tackle such
offences & offenders & bring them to book.



Thank you!

Have you experienced harassment on the web?
Have you b
n harassed by phone calls and text messages from unknown people?
How do you define web based harassment/ intimidation or phone based harassment? list- stalking, sexting (sending unwanted sexual messages on mobile
phone) How did you respond to it? (did you find yourself changing your mobile phone number . email id etc or did you confront it?)How was this experience different from the threat of being sexually assaulted / harassed on the street?
Send in your thoughts. suggestions. strategies aka Action Hero stunts to blurtblanknoise@gmail dot com
Your responses will be shared on the Action Heroes blog by May 21

Who is an Action Hero?

existing definition: An Action Hero is a woman who faces threat and experiences fear on the streets of her city, but can devise unique ways to confront it. Her final response might have been to choose to ignore the violator, but she will have chosen to do so, not failed to notice it. An Action Hero does not surrender to power on the street.

An Action Hero sets new rules for public behaviour.

An Action Hero can stand idle in public.

An Action Hero can whistle in a park, nap, read a book

An Action Hero can day dream in public.

An Action Hero can make eye contact with strangers.

An Action Hero can walk the streets without apology.

An Action Hero believes that the city is HERS.

An Action Hero does not take the age old blame for experiencing street sexual violence. She believes there's no such thing as 'asking for it'.

An Action Hero can sometimes twist the situation around and laugh at it.

An Action Hero is not a victim. She reacts. responds. fights back .

An Action Hero confronts her fear. analyzes it too.

An Action Hero choses to make her city safe by being out in public. She inspires new Action Heroes

Who is an Action Hero?

send in a definition, characteristic or trait


Call for facebook action! Action Heroes wanted!
  • Change your facebook status message to what you were wearing when you experienced any kind of sexual violence and add 'I NEVER ASK FOR IT'. Message to your friends.
  • change your display photo to an image from here
  • take a photo of the garment you wore when you experienced any kind of sexual harassment harassment > add it to the Blank Noise facebook group. Email us the photo at
  • Message your friends/ family/ colleagues/ male or female> get them involved.
  • GUYS- WE WANT BN GUYS! change your fb profile pic and add in your fb status- SHE NEVER 'ASKS FOR IT'.
end result: you're a super action hero!


feb 17- 27 choose your twitter page backdrop


  • tweet what you wore when you experienced any kind of sexual harassment with #ineveraskforit. (feb 17-27)
  • retweet the message above

clothes collection drive- bangalore feb 20
clothes collection drive- delhi feb 27

thank you for linking!

There's a facebook plan. Are you game?

Hello Blank Noise!
Be an Action Hero.
*now on facebook

here's why:

Women get blamed and they often blame themselves for the street sexual harassment/ violence or 'eve teasing' that they experience.

But we unapologetic-ally believe :
No matter what I’m wearing, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter what my body type or size is, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter where I am, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter when I am out, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter the fact that I was alone, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
No matter what language I’m using or my skin colour, I NEVER 'ASK FOR IT'.
Street sexual harassment, violence, or eve teasing is an unwanted experience that I dont 'deserve' because of who I am. Now it's your turn to be an Action Hero. How do you think you NEVER ASK FOR IT? Add your thoughts to this message and share with 20 friends (male and female)

Here's how:

Interested in the cause? Visit ** and use one of the provided pictures as your profile picture and make a statement with your status message!

eg: " your message. I never ask for it "
starting Sept 4th until Sept 11th
It only takes 5 minutes of your time to take a stand! Do it today!
You can also pitch in by sending this message to your friends.
Yours truly
Blank Noise Team

team includes:
project conceived by Tanvee Nabar/ Pooja Gupta image credit: Neha Bhat
thanks to Prerna Bishnoi, Piyush Kashyap, Kinshuk Surjan, Shrikar Marur, Saumitra Chandratreya

Ongoing project: Blank Noise Action Heroes

This time, squeeze them properly. Put your hands inside my T-shirt and squeeze.
Blank Noise Action Hero

Blank Noise Action Heroes archives your inspiring, brave, spontaneous, and even humorous stories of resistance. Write to us how you dealt with being sexually intimidated/ attacked/ violated/ or 'teased' in public. What worked for you? How did you 'deal with it'? How were you an Action Hero?

Share your story now. You can participate if you have a story to share. If you experienced it or witnessed it, or even heard about it! Find out from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, strangers, colleagues.

You may find this submission form useful to submit your story or you could even email us your story at subject titled Action Hero Online.

Blank Noise Action Heroes: Share your story of resistance

(ongoing project) archives your testimonials of resistance.

Tell us how you dealt with street sexual harassment. How did you fight back?

Tell us if you know of someone else who had the presence of mind to flip the situation around.
Was it funny? empowering? inspiring? normal? an everyday mastered technique?

Men/boys are encouraged to participate by sharing what they witnessed or heard!
Share the Action Hero experience right here.

You may find this submission form useful to submit your story or you could even email us your story at subject titled Action Hero Online.

An Action Hero is a woman who has dealt with street sexual harassment/ violence/ 'eve teasing' by confronting and challenging it.

Stories sent in do not have to be 'original', they could be tried tested and successful ideas. The emphasis is on how your reaction made you feel like an Action Hero. If you are sending in someone else's story, it could be an account of how it 'wowed' you.

We ask you to extend this by initiating conversations with people around you. We ask you to take this idea to a non blogging audience- for instance - have a conversation with your bai/ 'domestic help', or the stranger in a bus, or the fruit vendor, or your grandma, any one could be willing to share. Everyone has atleast 1 Action Hero story.

Be fearless. Be an Action Hero. Share your story, now.


Blank Noise Action Heroes are women in public who face threat and feel fear but devise unique ways to confront it. was created in March 2007 during international women's day to archive your stories of dealing with fear.

We would like to kickstart this process once again, starting now!

An Action Hero is a woman who has dealt with street sexual harassment by confronting and challenging it. Her final response might have been to choose to ignore the harassment, but she will have chosen to do so, not failed to notice it. (You can also be an Action Hero by participating in our city specific street actions).

Different kinds of sexual violence/harassment take place on the street - ranging from the hapless wooer to the aggressive sexual bully. Women in public across the world have their own unique strategies and capabilities of dealing with threat. This blog collects a range of such empowered actions from across the world.

You could also be the agent- the one who collects stories from your city/ neighbourhood/locality/ school/ college/ friends/family/ colleagues/. Ask the domestic help/ vegetable vendor/ flower seller/ woman bus conductor/ anyone!

This means that men are also invited to share stories of women whose response has amazed them! Go ahead... ask all the women you know!

Shout out loud! Tell us how and when you felt fearless.

You are an action hero not by the magnitude of what you did but how it made you feel.
Write in.

Excuse Me? Are You Calling Me?

Tales of Street Love and Lust were compiled after bloggers/ blank noise members/ supporters/ Blank Noise agents emailed us what they were referred as or called on the street by random male strangers. This is an effort to compile an 'eve teasing' vocabulary. Statements received will be uploaded here. Food here. (Don't miss the song from Prema Loka- here comes a girl looking like a lemon)Movie Songs here. Below is a list of 'love' references- do keep sending them in if you've been shocked, amused, threatened, attacked, humiliated by them.
words of love:
  1. chammiya
  2. gudiya (doll)
  3. 'gullabbo' ( miss rose)
  4. 'sundari' (gorgeous)
  5. laila
  6. Juliet
  7. baby doll
  8. sweety
  9. 'ms. busty'
  10. baby/ bebe
  11. sweetheart
  12. darling
  13. jaan (life)
  14. chhokri ('girl' in vernacular slang i guess)
  15. jaaneman( the love of my life)
  16. phuljhari (firecracker)
  17. Rani (queen)
  18. Chhammak Chhallo
  19. mallika (queen)
  20. Bijli (lightening)
  21. 'Bomb'
  22. 'Item'
  23. 'Soodu'
  24. piece
  25. bollySakkat,(super sexy)
  26. sexy
  27. GORI ( fair skinned)
  28. ummmmmmmm!
  29. Flower
  30. Suzie
  31. Lilly
  32. taj mahal ( monument)
  33. Photaka( fire craker)
  34. mike( another very popular word in kolkata for breasts)
  35. Headlights
  36. rose
  37. Yummy
  38. Sexaaay
  39. Chasmeesh....
  40. pussy
  41. Veena ( musical instrument)
  42. Matka ( earthen pot)
  43. khekda ( which in marathi means crab)
  44. horn
  45. lota (spinning top)
  46. Tennis balls
  47. Footballs
  48. katori (bowl?)
  49. CHIKNI MAST ( white exciting thing)
  50. Scooby doo
  51. Elephant
  52. tortoise
  53. sun silk
  54. Malldaar (the jerk said this one looking at my boobs)
  55. DAGAAR - a veryyy veryyyy cheap Kannada word which means 'cheap whore'.... usually they would say this when I would stare back at them with anger or scold them.... this word used to make me furious!!
  56. Lal chhaddi" (red stick)
  57. Hot
  58. Kutri
  59. kali( dark skin woman)
  60. nagin(snake)
  61. "Baby
  62. "Sweetie"
  63. "Lovely"
  64. "Darling"
  65. FIGURE - How could I forget this.... the most common word you here on the roads of Bangalore
  66. DOVE - They pronounce it as DAWUU(I dont think u can guess how they say it unless u live in Bangalore). In their lingo its supposed to mean 'beloved'!!!
  67. mast- exciting
  68. cheez- thing
  69. darling (accompanied by kissing noises
  70. chhokri ('girl' in vernacular slang i guess)
  71. maal (goods)
  72. jaan( life)
  73. Maskali


share. talk. inspire. understand. tell. speak. hear. be heard. narrate. voice. throw open.

When did you flip a situation so you could resist, when did you give back as hard as you got? When and how did you choose to confront? When did you become an Action Hero?

Being a 'HERO' is relative . We are interested in knowing how you challenged yourself or didint feel victimised?

This is an attempt to understand how different women ( across age groups/ cultures/ communities) have dealt with street sexual harassment in their everyday lives. Male bloggers are encouraged to share stories of women in their lives and how they have dealt with street sexual harassment. Non bloggers are also invited to participate- email us your story. We will upload your email at

You could also be an agent- the one that collects stories of confrontation/ of heroism from your mother, grandmother, cousins, domestic workers, people in your office, the vegetable vendor, the woman bus conductor...anyone!

To confirm your participation, announce the event on your blog and email us the link right away!

Got any questions? email us at

The following bloggers have confirmed their participation for March 8, 2007

Abhishek Baxi





Alistair D'souza

Amit Ken



Annie Zaidi


Ashish Gorde


Bangalore MetBlogs

Blogger Bhaiyya



Cee Kay



Curious Cat


debra n

Desi Pundit

Desi Girl

Desi Witch

Dianne Sharma Winter

Dimwit Sulekha

Dina Mehta

Diviya Nagarajan

Divya (bnp action hero site)

Dr. Ruthless




Fiona Vaz


Hebrew Princess

Hemangini Gupta




Julia Dutta


Lone Crusader

Mad Momma


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mini soumya



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Nithya Sowrirajan

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Pallavi Sen

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