one kind of street sexual harassment could be a series of very 'serious' misinterpretations of codes and boundaries

Being stalked is not fun. Even when you know that it is not dangerous , and harmless. Or maybe it seems like stalking only to me. For many others, including my “stalker”, its trying to woo or flirt. Maybe even being caring and protective. No wonder the whole school was surprised as to why I wasn’t madly in love with my stalker as yet. Action Hero Shreyasi

Do you have a story on how you have been approached? followed? stalked? hit on? 'desired' by a random stranger?

How did you say no. or maybe you said yes? ( in which case it could be street flirting; not necessarily harassment?) In retrospect do you feel that he was 'hitting on you' but it was harassment for you?

Do you (
as a male) have a story on how you have approached a female stranger? How did you go about it and what followed?
Tell us. blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com
subject titled: street sexual harassment could be a series of very 'serious' misinterpretations of codes and boundaries. Should you wish to be anonymous you could fill this form instead.

Spread the word:
Post the event on your blog/ on facebook/ twitter. We will link your confirmation towards participating. You could email us your story and or share it on your blog.

Deadline: August 15th.

past reference:
Street Tales of Love and Lust
. year 2008.
food items, songs , other names (bijli. chammak challo), statements

and some more past reference
refraction , jace,

Get involved- Blank Noise Opinion Poll in your city!

Location: Namita Sharma's Tea Stall. Gariahat. Kolkata.

Namita Sharma's tea stall is by the auto stand in Gariahat market, Kolkata. Every evening, eva long que lines up by her tea stall awaiting their auto rickshaw ride back home. During this stretch of time some people drink tea , smoke a ciggarete, snack a bit.

Namita and her colleagues welcomed Blank Noise as an idea. Her tea stall hosts the Blank Noise opinion poll which asks a simple but infinitely complex question-


There have been innumerable debates on the blog in the past over what exactly constitutes 'street sexual violence'- Can it be in the verb of 'looking' or in the adverb of 'lecherously looking'. there are questions about what constitutes a lecherous look- and the ones who experience it will argue saying ' it's obvious. we just know!'

This is precisely the kind of discussion we want to further on the streets itself. More than for facts figures and statistics we attempt to use the form of an opinion poll to start discussions. The opinion poll also becomes a 'safe' way for people to testify and admit what they have seen or experienced.

The opinion poll is bilingual- for Kolkata it is in Bangla/ Bengali and English. We are getting them made in English with Urdu/ Hindi/ Kannada/ Telegu/ Tamil/ If you would like to volunteer with translations do email us asap! always at

By asking someone from your neighbourhood /locality to host the Blank Noise Eve Teasing Opinion Poll you are getting them involved in the process of taking agency, and also being an agent yourself. The opinion poll could also be in your college/ office/ apartment block/ market/ anywhere- email us- let's discuss your ideas

You will need to provide your local Blank Noise agent with 2 ink pads( red and blue) for people to put their thumb print.

In the next 2 weeks individuals/ Blank Noise members from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Kolkata will receive the opinion poll charts. If you belong to any of these cities and would like get started - email us right away!

If your city is not mentioned and you would like start this process in your city, write in and we could have an entire bunch sent in to you. You could also be the opinion poll distributor for your city or town.

You will also receive an email with detailed instructions on how to introduce Blank Noise/ the issue of 'eve teasing' and how this process can be documented.

Coming up is an interview with Namita Sharma on her experience of hosting the opinion poll. The interview will be conducted by members of the Blank Noise Kolkata team.

We look forward to your emails!

Blank Noise Agents :
people who are participating in Opinion Poll project to further discussion about 'eve teasing'.

  1. Barkha Madhok- New Delhi- Will install the poster in her office.
  2. Ashish Asgekar- Goa-will translate the opinion poll to marathi
  3. Nabila Zaidi- Lucknow- will translate the opinion poll and distribute opinion poll sheets in Lucknow. She is also installing the poster at Avadh Girl's College.
  4. Sharath V- Bangalore- has translated the text to kannada. The text has been further edited by Blank Noise bangalore.
  5. Girish Pandit- edited Kannada text.
  6. Meghna C edited the kannada text.
  7. Soumya C. Shekhar edited the kannada text.
  8. Nisha Chandwani - Mumbai added the word ' pinching' to the opinion poll list.
  9. Siddarth Mukund Srivastava- New Delhi- is translating the opinion poll to Hindi.
  10. Poorva Dutt - New Delhi is also translating the opinion poll text to Hindi

Excuse Me? Are You Calling Me?

Tales of Street Love and Lust were compiled after bloggers/ blank noise members/ supporters/ Blank Noise agents emailed us what they were referred as or called on the street by random male strangers. This is an effort to compile an 'eve teasing' vocabulary. Statements received will be uploaded here. Food here. (Don't miss the song from Prema Loka- here comes a girl looking like a lemon)Movie Songs here. Below is a list of 'love' references- do keep sending them in if you've been shocked, amused, threatened, attacked, humiliated by them.
words of love:
  1. chammiya
  2. gudiya (doll)
  3. 'gullabbo' ( miss rose)
  4. 'sundari' (gorgeous)
  5. laila
  6. Juliet
  7. baby doll
  8. sweety
  9. 'ms. busty'
  10. baby/ bebe
  11. sweetheart
  12. darling
  13. jaan (life)
  14. chhokri ('girl' in vernacular slang i guess)
  15. jaaneman( the love of my life)
  16. phuljhari (firecracker)
  17. Rani (queen)
  18. Chhammak Chhallo
  19. mallika (queen)
  20. Bijli (lightening)
  21. 'Bomb'
  22. 'Item'
  23. 'Soodu'
  24. piece
  25. bollySakkat,(super sexy)
  26. sexy
  27. GORI ( fair skinned)
  28. ummmmmmmm!
  29. Flower
  30. Suzie
  31. Lilly
  32. taj mahal ( monument)
  33. Photaka( fire craker)
  34. mike( another very popular word in kolkata for breasts)
  35. Headlights
  36. rose
  37. Yummy
  38. Sexaaay
  39. Chasmeesh....
  40. pussy
  41. Veena ( musical instrument)
  42. Matka ( earthen pot)
  43. khekda ( which in marathi means crab)
  44. horn
  45. lota (spinning top)
  46. Tennis balls
  47. Footballs
  48. katori (bowl?)
  49. CHIKNI MAST ( white exciting thing)
  50. Scooby doo
  51. Elephant
  52. tortoise
  53. sun silk
  54. Malldaar (the jerk said this one looking at my boobs)
  55. DAGAAR - a veryyy veryyyy cheap Kannada word which means 'cheap whore'.... usually they would say this when I would stare back at them with anger or scold them.... this word used to make me furious!!
  56. Lal chhaddi" (red stick)
  57. Hot
  58. Kutri
  59. kali( dark skin woman)
  60. nagin(snake)
  61. "Baby
  62. "Sweetie"
  63. "Lovely"
  64. "Darling"
  65. FIGURE - How could I forget this.... the most common word you here on the roads of Bangalore
  66. DOVE - They pronounce it as DAWUU(I dont think u can guess how they say it unless u live in Bangalore). In their lingo its supposed to mean 'beloved'!!!
  67. mast- exciting
  68. cheez- thing
  69. darling (accompanied by kissing noises
  70. chhokri ('girl' in vernacular slang i guess)
  71. maal (goods)
  72. jaan( life)
  73. Maskali

Excuse Me? Are you singing to me?

Tales of Street Love and Lust :

Tales of Street Love and Lust were compiled after bloggers/ blank noise members/ supporters/ Blank Noise agents emailed us what they were referred as/ called on the street by random male strangers.

This is an effort to compile an 'eve teasing' vocabulary. statements will be uploaded here. Food here. (Don't miss the song from Prema Loka- here comes a girl looking like a lemon)
Movie Songs here (objects / descriptors/coming soon!)

If you have been sung to and felt threatened / 'harassed' or even amused- email us at . You are welcome to describe the situation and how you felt. We will add the song to this blog post right away! Thankyou!

Haseena Maan Jayegi: I'm sure if I am persistent one day she will be mine.

Khud ko kya samajhti hai:
what does she think of herself/ she is arrogant/ let's have some fun guys.

chhai chhappa chhai- (I had short hair and was wearing a white salwar kameez!) The guys tried to follow me for nearly a couple of blocks singing this song.

ek bar aaaja aaaja aajajaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: come to me just once

o priya priya: someone remembering Priya, his love

babuji zara dheere chalo: go slow mister, I am lightening and I am standing here.

Yeh ladki hai! : Oh that girl!

Khambe jaisi Khadi Hai: She stands like a pole/ is she a girl or a firecracker? she has rage in her eyes and her lips are ready to abuse you.

Akhiyon se goli mare, larki kamaal ki: she shoots me with her eyes/ what an amazing woman. she tortures the guy in love with her.

Aati Kya?: will you come with me? to Khandala? We will go dancing, roaming and chill together.

Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Beth Ja: Come sit on my car!

Hai Hai Mirchi / Uff Uff Mirchi: oh you hot thing!

Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast: You are such an exciting thing!