My name is Janet from Mysore.
Once I had to go to my aunt's house in sakleshpur. The street there is a rather lonely street. A young guy was walking in the opposite direction. He came towards me and asked "Excuse me?"
I looked at him. Suddenly, he grabbed both of my breasts and squeezed them. I did not know what to do. The idea of hitting him did not enter my head.
He squeezed my breasts for some time and let go. Then I caught hold of his hands and said "squeeze my beasts again. This time, squeeze them properly. Put your hands inside my T-shirt and squeeze."
He stared at me in surprise. Then he said "Sorry" and walked away.
This technique worked in my case. I am not recommending this for every woman, but in my case, it worked. I could have slappedhim, but I hate hitting anybody.

Time: 3pm
Location: Sakleshwar

Posted 3rd April 2008