I was walking home from college , about a 45 minute walk. It was a beautiful day- nearly winter but not really cold. The sun was out, and I just wanted to walk through the leaves and take it all in.
But no, that wasnt going to happen.
A car started following me about 5 minutes out of college. They followed me the entire way home at the speed of 5kmph. Imagine. I was walking and they were in a car. I didn't have a cell phone back then and I wasn't going to wimp out.
I got to a place 5 minutes away from home-familiar territory, took out a pen and paper , noted down the car number and made sure I was noticed doing it.
That's when the driver got out of the car and get this- he started yelling at me! AT ME! Like was I following him? Invading his space? Ruining HIS day? So i start yelling and I am shaking. Luckily, just then a friend drives by and he drops me home.
BTW, the guy following me looks at me and says,"I know who you are." and he tells me my name and address!
Wow! I wonder why he followed me then?
I report him to the cops, he says his driver was driving and he gets away with it.He was also my boyfriends neighbour. But what more could we have done, right? Other than maybe burn his car?

felt SO MUCH ANGER and so invaded, unsafe and trapped.

Location:GCG-11 to Sector 8, Chandigarh
Time: 12 noon
Age at the time of experience: 19 years
Current Age: 25 years