I was going in a bus from my college to my home, and somehow the bus became overpacked with people. I was sitting in the outside seat i.e. not the window side. This man standing beside me was leaning over me and kept on rubbing his thing beside my arm. After a minute or so I gathered the courage and said "What are you doing" his response "Nothing" (you could actually see the erection) I pointed towards his groin and went like "ye kya hai".. by this time the whole bus was staring at his groin. He started fumbling for words and I shouted at the conductor to stop the bus at the next police station. Till this time nobody in the bus intervened or anything. The guy got off at the next stop.

time : 2pm
Location:Bus. Delhi. Paharganj
Age at the time of experience: 18
Current Age: 19

Neeru felt anger