Blank Noise Action Hero Pooja

This happened less than a year ago on a Sunday night. It was one of those days that seemed so perfect. It had rained all day and I'd spent time with my friends at my apartment. In the evening we went out. Around 9:00 pm, along with a friend I was walking back home.

Where was this street ? I wonder if it really matters. I wonder if by virtue of being posh, it had to be safe. Shouldn't every street in the city be safe for everyone ?

We were walking down a main road in Hauz Khas. Around hundred meters away from the main market, I felt that someone was following us. I don't think my friend had noticed. I deliberately slowed down to let that man pass. And he did. For a moment I reprimanded myself for eying every man so accusingly. But, right then, he turned around and started walking towards us. As he was approaching me, I moved sideways to give myself more space. He crossed us. He did nothing. But to my mind, something was still amiss. He was following us again. By now, me and my friend were concerned. We started walking faster. So did he. He crossed us again, turned around and groped at my thigh. I punched him hard and fast, and then again with my metal key chain. Even then, he had the audacity to run after us. But, by then we had reached the market and he disappeared in a bylane.

Some people would ask me what two of us girls were doing alone on the street. That, to be honest, disgusts me. Others still will ask me what I was wearing. I was wearing shorts and you know what, so was he ! Was that provocation enough for me to grope at his thigh/crotch ? No !

Everyday, when we walk down the street, we see men in all stages of undress, how come they are never asking for it ??

Location:Hauz Khas, New Delhi
Time: 9 pm

Age at the time of experience: 19
Current age: 20

Pooja felt: Anger, Amusement, Repulsion

Posted 27th July 2008