Blank Noise Action Hero Shreya

Today I, my mother, my younger sister , my mom's best friend and her 13 year old son went to see Jaane to ya Jaane na. at Rave 3 Mall. After the movie ended at 9.30- we were making our way down the staircase in the main hall. 

Every where there were people- my sister was climbing down in front of me and as i walked- someone suddenly grabbed my hand and turned me slightly and then grabbed and squeezed my right breast. After the moment of initial shock i turned around and running after the guy who was quickly making his way through people- tapped on his shoulder and as he turned- with all the strength i could muster- slapped him hard- very hard- the sound resounded through the hall. Then i slapped him again, and again, and again. A total of four slaps by the time which my mom and her friend made over to us and added a few of their own slaps. 
By then the security guards came running down and asked me "kya kara isne?" Fuming with anger- i told them - "chhu raha thha mujhe" the words sounded so wierd out of my mouth- after which i told the security guards "do thappad mariye aap isko" and he slapped him again and i called him all the dirty words i have ever heard.
All this is the main hall of Kanpur's best mall filled with people on a saturday evening.. 
The fact was - these things have happened to me before and I haven't or didn't get a chance to retaliate- but this was too much.
I am prepared with my hands and mind when i go to a market or such - but in a mall with my mother and sister- I thought i was safe.
The worst part is the fact that the guy thought he could pull it off in a mall with security guards at every entrance and hundreds of people around. He must have seriously believed that i wouldn't react and just walk on pretending nothing happened- not wanting to create a scene. Meaning this must have happened with him when he did this to other girls since he looked like no amateur when he feigned innocence.
Happy as i am that i for the first time in my life retaliated- i can't understand my feeling of unhappiness and uneasiness which i am having now.
I don't think i want to go out to any mall for a long time now.

Why do i keep wishing i went from the other exit? Why am i unhappy?

Location: Kanpur. Rave 3 mall. Kanpur
Time: 9 30 pm
Current age: 17
Age at the time of experience: 17

Shreya felt shock, anger, courage initially. Later embaressment when everyone there was looking at me- later resentment and sadness.