Blank Noise Action Hero Tarangini

I was at a bar in Pune (and to those who think I was 'asking for it' simply by virtue of being in a bar- Pphhhbbbtttt- you're as bad as the eve teasers!) I was very decently dressed- I'd been to a family dinner before. Anyway, so I was standing at the bar, talking and laughing with my friends, suddenly, I feel someone brush my bottom, and thinking that because it was crowded someone must've walked into me, I ignored it. But then, it happened again, and this time, the hand just stayed there! I lost it. I grabbed hold of the wrist attached to the hand on my butt, and rained down blows on the man attached to the wrist. He turned his face away from me and covered his head with his free hand, but not before I boxed his ears and shoulders good!

Location: Bar in Pune?
Time: 11 pm
Age at the time of experience: 27
Current age: 28

Tarangi felt : Anger followed by amusement at my ability to beat random guys into a pulp. Regret I wasn't taller and better built, would've beat the living daylights out of him if I were.

Posted 12th July 2008